Windows Virtual Desktop is Open Now for Public Preview

Microsoft has announced the launch of Windows virtual desktop last year, but the desktop was previewed only for some people, and it was kept in private, but from today it has been provided for public preview. Any enterprise user who wants to use the virtual desktop can use it. The Windows 10 desktop is hosted Azure cloud.

This virtual desktop is only for professional use. It is a product that has been designed solely for the business purpose, and you won’t be able to play Apex legends on this virtual machine. The idea behind these services is that this Windows virtual desktop with access to Office 365 ProPlus will make the management of machines easier and even the software will run easily. This allows an option for the enterprise employers to provide their mobile or remote workers with the virtual desktop so that all the data related to their company remains secured.

One of the standings out features is that the business can run various Windows 10 sessions on a single virtual machine. One thing that’s worth noting here is that the technology powers most of the features of Windows 10 from FSLogix which was acquired by Microsoft last year.

Specifically, this technology allows Microsoft to give the non-persistent users fast access to applications like OneDrive and Outlook. The idea of Microsoft is to provide better and faster access to their office applications.

For most of the Microsoft 365 enterprise customers, the access to this service is simply a part of the subscription that they have already paid. Additionally, they will need Azure subscription and should also pay for the virtual machines that will run in the cloud. As of now, the virtual desktop services are available only US Central Azure regions and US East 2.


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