Tickets Price For Charlie Puth Concert in Dhaka is Here

Tickets Price For Charlie Puth Concert in Dhaka is Here

Charlie Puth is coming to perform live in Dhaka, and the much-anticipated ticket prices for the event have been announced.

The concert, titled “Charlie Puth Live in Dhaka,” is generating excitement among fans, and the organizers have now revealed the ticket pricing and seating arrangements.

The concert will feature three distinct seating categories: General, Front Row, and VIP. Fans can purchase tickets on the event’s official website,, which will be available soon.

The pricing for the tickets is as follows: General tickets are priced at TK 2000, Front Row tickets at TK 4000, and VIP seating at TK 12,000.

In addition to Charlie Puth’s performance, the organizers have informed The Daily Star that two more local artists will be joining the lineup, adding to the excitement of the event.

The concert is scheduled to take place at the ICCB expo zone, with gates opening at 4:00 pm and the concert starting at 5:00 pm. The event is expected to conclude by 10:00 pm.

This concert marks a significant moment for the Dhaka concert scene, which has seen notable performances from various Indian and West Bengali artists throughout 2023.

The arrival of a major international artist like Charlie Puth is a notable addition, with the last significant international concert in Dhaka being Otilia Brumă’s performance in July 2022.

Fans eagerly await the opportunity to witness Charlie Puth’s live performance, making “Charlie Puth Live in Dhaka” a highly anticipated event for music enthusiasts in the region.

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