Apple Patent has Dropped Hints About the Possible Development of AR Headset for iPhone

CNET has reported that Apple has published an update which is titled as “Systems, methods and graphical interface with the Augmented and Virtual Reality Environment” as a part of an existing patent that was filed in August 2018. This report has given rise to some of the new speculations stating that Apple may launch an Augmented Reality (AR) based headset which provides a lively experience for the users.

CNET has stated that the company is planning to release these headsets roughly in next year. They are still in the exploration stage of the AR technology and are planning to employ the technology as soon as possible.

The patent suggests that the headsets will wirelessly communicate with the separate computer and iPhone. The company is also planning to add touch sensitive surface to create a better interactive environment.

The report also added that “sources have informed that Apple’s prototypes include a cordless device which will help in communicating with other devices wirelessly. A custom Apple’s processing brain will be incorporated into these devices.”

Not only Apple, but there are also so many other tech giants who are trying their hands on the AR/VR technologies.  Last week, Microsoft announced Hololens 2 worth of $3,500. This is an updated version of their three-year-old mixed reality headset. The announcement was made at MWC 2019 event which was held at Barcelona.

This device is capable of direct manipulation of the holograms with the same instinctual interactions that humans would use with the physical objects in the real world. The AR/VR technologies are impacting the world in a lot of ways and Apple CEO Tim Cook has fallen in love with these technologies. He has been praising the technology for a long time and looks like he has some great plans in his mind too.

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