Dhaka Air Pollution Reaches Eight-Year High in 2023

Dhaka Air Pollution Reaches Eight-Year High in 2023

In 2023, Dhaka experienced its highest level of air pollution in eight years. The air quality has been deteriorating steadily, posing significant health risks to its residents.

The Centre for Atmospheric Pollution Studies (CAPS) at Stamford University conducted an analysis revealing that Dhaka’s average Air Quality Index (AQI) score was 171 in 2023, up from 163 the previous year.

Dhaka Air Pollution Reaches High in 2023

An AQI score between 151 and 200 is categorized as ‘unhealthy,’ indicating that the air quality poses a risk to everyone, especially vulnerable groups like children and the elderly.

The impact of this pollution is evident in the daily lives of Dhaka’s citizens. The number of people suffering from respiratory diseases is on the rise. For instance, Saima Islam, a resident of Mirpur, shared her distressing experience with Prothom Alo.

She had to take her child, who has been suffering from a persistent cough to a physician in Dhanmondi. The doctor attributed the child’s high allergy levels to the polluted air.

The cost of this single medical visit, including the physician’s fee, transportation, tests, and medicine, amounted to over Tk 7,000 – a significant expense in the face of rising inflation.

This situation in Dhaka highlights the urgent need for effective measures to combat air pollution and protect public health.

The increasing AQI score is a clear warning sign that immediate action is required to improve air quality and safeguard the well-being of the city’s inhabitants.

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