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Microsoft to provide refund to band users and end its support for fitness tracker app

As per the reports provided by, the company Microsoft has decided to Microsoft Health Dashboard website on 31st of May this year. The famous company, Microsoft had successfully gained a position for itself in the health device market in the year 2014, with the release of its much in demand product, Microsoft band. This health device of Microsoft features a1.4 inch color display and consists of ten sensors which include heart rate, gyrometer, ambient light, GPS, UV and many other sensors that can successfully monitor the health of its users. Owing to its demand in the market, Microsoft decided to launch a sequel to its health device the following year, that is 2015 but it was discontinued in the year 2016 with no replacement for it in sight.

The company has also taken a decision that the Microsoft band companion apps shall also be removed from Apple App store, Playstore App as well. The Microsoft band will now have a limited area of functionality.

According to, a piece of advice that Microsoft has given to its users is that any attempt to reset the band will prevent the users from setting it up again after 31st May 2019. Apart from this, the existing users of Microsoft band will no more be able to export their data before the end of the end of May this year. The services powered by the cloud on the Microsoft band will also cease to function in June. However, even after the stoppage of production of Microsoft band, the existing band users will be able to record their daily steps, workout, heart rate along with also recording their data activity, sleep tracking, and alarm functionality.

Microsoft has also decided to give a full refund to those users of Microsoft band whose bands are still under warranty and to those users have yet not worn it at any time form December 1st, 2018 to March 1st, 2019.

Via: The Verge

Source: Microsoft Support

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