Food Delivery App Caviar Started Highlighting the Women Owned Restaurants with Separate Section

There are various ways of marketing and the prominent food delivery app Caviar has chosen and intriguing way of marketing. The company collaborated with Pineapple Collaborative, a platform that has been created for women to share their experiences with food and created a separate section in the app named “Women-Powered with Pineapple” weird, huh! The slogan of this section is “led by ladies, picked by Pineapple”.

This eye-catching and intriguing section in Caviar consists of the list of hotels that are owned by women. As of now, there is a handful of restaurants in this list and if you know any such restaurants, you can provide the details via Google Forms. The prerequisites that are required to nominate eateries in the forms are- restaurants owned by women or the lead chef of a restaurant should be a woman.

This section of the app does not give out any details or the pictures of women behind it. It just have a list of the eateries led by women. Tapping on any of the restaurants will bring you the menu similar to the usual eateries. The only thing that made this special is that the people will get to know that the restaurant is managed or led by women.

Various food delivering apps have tried and tested a different type of marketing techniques till now and this one from Caviar is very interesting. They have focused on women empowering and this really caught the attention of various customers. Although these apps are creating a distance between the restaurants and customers, such innovative ideas abridge this gap by giving inside insights of the restaurants. This also helps in boosting the sales of the restaurant, brings in more customers for Caviar and increases the traffic for Pineapple Collaborative platform.

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