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PreetiPreeti Singh

She is an aspiring writer and has been into our the domain of content writing since a year. She joined EB as an intern and soon took over full-fledged writing for Bollywood. She contributes news articles for EB and intends to write on the latest trends.

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Ganesh JainGanesh Jain

Is a Senior Content writer and have been into the content domain from more than a decade. He has dealt with diverse areas in content writing, and writing has been his passion. He has been associated with EB since past five years being ardent technology fan that enable him to produce quality articles.

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Sonal GhaiSonal Ghai

I am an average girl who believes hard work makes everything possible. I completed BE computer science and Diploma in Sound Engineering and can’t find my destiny on that. Music and Writing are the only things which make me happy and satisfied.

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Sukeshi HakaniSukeshi Hakani

Sukeshi Hakani is an SEO Content Writer, currently working in a media house in Mumbai. In her free time, she likes to write and freelance.

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Mani TejaMani Teja

Hello, this is Teja – Freelancer, Blogger, and an SEO enthusiast. I am obsessed with Movies, TV Shows, photography and writing my musings on them. And I am happily hitched with writing as a profession. I believe that the stars are still there, even if you don’t see them shining.
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