Cuphead is coming in Nintendo switch

Cuphead is now coming to the Nintendo Switch. The developer studio MDHR has confirmed that this Xbox and PC exclusive game will get the Nintendo console. The release date was set to be on April,18. Cuphead will also receive Xbox achievements vis XboxSdk post-launch. It has also been confirmed that the game will receive a physical retail cartridge sometime after all its downloadable content is available. Studio MDHR  has also revealed the game fps and resolution on the Nintendo switch.

Cuphead under docked mode, will run on 60 fps and 1080p.In portable mode, the resolution will decrease to 720p. PAX EAST 2019, an identical gadget to Xbox will also be available for cuphead. It has a two player portable mode on a single screen with Joycon or pro controller and joy con. In a popular gaming forum Reset era one of the developers has said that though they are doing a pretty tough job to retooling the stuff. This results in more faster loading of Xbox. Cuphead is a challenging game. It is well designed, good levels and a rewarding difficulty club. The Nintendo switch’s controllers are not the same as Xbox one gamepad and PC gamepad. That’s why project xcloud has been designed. With this Xcloud service, games could be played without the hardware.

According to youtube gaming outlet, Direct feed games, Microsoft and Nintendo are joining hands and could possibly strike a partnership. Microsoft is also planning to launch more games on Nintendo switch. In the future, an Xbox app has been proposed to come on the console to use Xbox pass subscription and using project xcloud. Microsoft is reportedly working to bring Xbox live features in cuphead.

This has been pretty exciting news for all the gamers and let’s see how it will perform in the market.

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