JSC Result 2018 Bangladesh All Education Board

JSC Result 2018 Bangladesh All Education Board

Junior School Certificate (JSC) Result is now easily accessible without any struggle. The culture of waiting for your child’s respective schools to publish the results is no longer there. This could normally put parents and their children in tension as they wait for the results. Nowadays you just access the results with the help of the internet by just searching JSC Result 2018 or JSC Exam Result 2018 or by using the website for the Bangladesh board of examination, the available mobile App for this service and the short message (SMS) system. This process is quick and easy compared to the previous way of accessing the results.

Most people fear this way of accessing results through online means as they fear for the results getting hacked or even manipulated. This article will take you through all about JSC Result 2018, JSC Exam Result 2018 and JSC Result 2018 BD. You will also get to know deeply about this examination system, publish date for the results, their grading policies and the systematic steps you will apply in order to get the JSC results.

JSC Result 2018 Bangladesh :

The Ministry of Primary and Mass Education (MOPME) authorize the Junior School Certificate (JSC) examination. Many lakh students from all over the region do this examination.

These examinations are not public according to the Ministry of Education but instead, they are strategies for the students to raise more concentration in their studies. The candidates who sat for the examination this year 2018 hiked to 2,090,692 students. The purpose of these examinations is to boost the student’s self-confidence and to help the candidates to understand and internalize the importance of Education in their daily lives and their future. In addition, this exam will prepare the students to tackle challenges that will come their way in their future and the effect for the future generation.

It also instils discipline in the students and helps them manage their time well. Therefore, these JSC Result 2018 or JSC Result 2018 BD is of importance not only to the students but also for the country, as it will determine how future investment in terms of education will be.

About JSC and JDC Exams :

The General Education Board organizes the Junior School Certificate (JSC) and the Madrasah Education Board organizes Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC). Students sit for the Junior School Certificate (JSC) or the JDC examinations when they are in class 8. The JDC Examinations are equivalent to the JSC Examinations. These examinations are mandatory to every class 8 student as required by the General Education Board and the Madrasah Education Board, which are under the Ministry of Education.  After completing these examinations, the students are awarded their academic transcripts and certificates. These transcripts reflect their results for that year, for instance, this year JSC Result 2018.

The board award scholarships to top performers with a GPA 5 for higher studies. This type of examination has become the second largest public examination in Bangladesh with many students sitting for the examination every year. Students from all over the country sit for this exam provided their education level allows them to be eligible for the examination. These examinations are done from the first week of November and go on for a period of two weeks. The Ministry of Primary and Mass Education started operating in the year 1972 and always administer three examinations. These examinations include the Junior School Certificate (PSC) Exam, (SSC) Secondary School Certificate Exam And (HSC) Higher Secondary Certificate.

JSC Result 2018 Publish Date:

In the life of a student, the most exciting moments is the day to the examination results is to be released. This excitement parents also have, as they are anxious to know how their children performed for that examination that determines their next step in their education life cycle. Sometimes the parents become impatient and the students stressed because of the process to access the results.

Now there is no more worry as the publish date for the examinations and the results are accessed online with the help of internet. For instance the publish date for JSC Result 2018, JSC Exam Result 2018 or JSC Result 2018 BD is stated in the Education Board website www.educationboard.gov.bd. The Junior School Certificate (JSC) and Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC) normally are published in December. In addition, there is no specific date publishing the results but it is always updated on the official website of the Examinations Board, which is educationboard.gov.bd

Basing on the previous statistics the board publishes JSC results during the last week of December. For instance, the last
the year 2017 results were published on December 30 and the Examination results for the year 2016 were published on December 29.
Most of the time, the board publishes JSC results during the last week of December. The JSC Result 2018 or JSC Exam Result 2018 or JSC Result 2018 BD will be published on the board website and you can access it on your phone.

The JUNIOR SCHOOL CERTIFICATE (JSC) Exams 2018 will take place as from 1st November to 15th November 2018. The JSC Result 2018 publishing date will be stated on the board website and probably it may be 30th December 2018.

How to Check JSC Exam Results 2018:

The JSC Result 2018, JSCExam Result 2018, JSC Result 2018 BD can be checked in three ways that are, JSC Results online from the examinations board website, by mobile SMS and accessing it from the mobile App. These three methods have made it easy to check your JSC or JDC examinations from wherever you are at any time as long as the results have been published. For the parents, they can also know about their children’s’ results by contacting the various respective schools of their children. The board hands over the transcripts to the school authority and students can pick them physically from the school authority.

How to Check JSC Result 2018 Online

The results are available on the official website of the examinations board which is educationboard.gov.bd. You can check online your JSC Result 2018, JSC Exam Result 2018, JSC Result 2018 BD from the board’s website by following the below procedure.

Step 1: Check JSC Result 2018 online:

1. Go to educationboardsresults.gov.bd from your computer browser.
2. Click on the JSC/JDC Examination section.
3. Click on the Board option and select your board name.
4. Type your Roll Number in the given option.
5. Type your Registration Number.
6. Click on Get Results button.
7. Your results will display on your computer screen.
Another website from which you can check your results is the eboardresults.com. Follow the steps below to check your results.

Steps 2: Check JSC Result 2018 by this website below:

1. Go to eboardresults.com from your computer browser.
2. Click on the JSC Result button.
3. Choose the year of examination, e.g. 2018.
4. Select your board name.
5. Select your result type, e.g. Individual.
6. Enter your Registration Number.
7. Click on Get Result button.
8. Your Result will pop up on your computer screen.

How to Check Your JSC Result 2018 via Mobile SMS.

The other way you can use to access your JSC Result 2018 or JSC Exam Result 2018 or JSC Result 2018 BD is via mobile SMS. Many reasons can prompt you to ignore the online method and use the SMS app, for example, poor internet connection, your computer malfunctioning or even lack of access to a computer. Using mobile SMS is the safest and fastest way of checking your child’s results, as it does not require any internet connection.

You can follow the following steps in order to check your results via SMS app.

Checking JSC Result 2018 from mobile SMS:

Step-1: Go to your mobile message option.

Step-2: Type JSC, space the first three letters of your board name, and space your roll number and space year. For example- JSC DBA 123456 2018.

Step-3: Send the SMS to the number 16222.

Step-4: You will get your JSC Result from your phone via a text message.

Follow the above steps also when checking for your Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC) results. The process of checking is the same.

Check JSC Result 2018 by App:

To make it easier to check your results the Education Ministry launched an official App that you can use to access your results. Although many private and unofficial apps similar to this official app exists in your play store or app store, it is recommended that you install the Official App only which is safer as opposed to other apps trying to do the same purpose. Follow the steps below to check your JSC Result 2018, JSC Exam Result 2018 and JSC Result 2018 BD.

Step-1: Go to Google Play Store.
Step-2: Type Education Board Result on the Search icon.
Step-3: Click on the Install button.
Step-4: After you install the app, open it.
Step-5: Click on View Result.
Step-6: Type all your exam details such as JSC examination, roll number, board name, registration number and the year.
Step-7: Tap on the Submit button. You will get the results within a short time.

JSC Exam Result 2018 All Education Board:

It is important that you know about exam results of all the education board in Bangladesh. The Ministry of Education has mandated the Education Board of Bangladesh the responsibility to conduct the public examinations from across the country. Ten regional education boards exist in Bangladesh namely:

1. JSC Result 2018 Comilla Board

2. JSC Result Chittagong Board 2018

3. JSC Result Barisal Board 2018

4. JSC Result 2018 Dhaka Board

5. JSC Result Jessore Education Board 2018

6. JSC Result 2018 Mymensingh Board

7. JSC Result 2018 Rajshahi Education Board

8. JSC Exam Result Sylhet Board 2018

9. JSC Result 2018 Dinajpur Edu Board

10. JDC Result Madrasah Education Board 2018

The following is a discussion on the above ten education boards in Bangladesh.

JSC Exam Result 2018 Comilla Board :

Comilla board is the oldest education board of Bangladesh and its responsibility is to conduct public examinations, which include JSC, SSC, and HSC. This board conducts these examinations on five districts near them. Comilla Board was established in the year 1962 and it supervises more than twenty prominent academic institutions in the region. This education board is famous for evaluating the grades in a more tough and strict way. This has kept the students under this board to be more serious and determined about their studies.

Chittagong Board JSC 
2018 Result :

Chittagong board started its operations from the year 1995. This education board was previously responsible for conducting two examinations that is SSC and HSC. In recent years, this board also was holding the JSC Examination. The main objective of Chittagong education board is to organize, supervise, regulate and control smoothly the public examinations of the regions under them.
Chittagong board is one of the largest education boards of the country and it holds examinations of its surrounding districts as well. They supervise these examinations to ensure it done and are of the required standards.
Chittagong Board also publishes the JSC Results on their official website every year.

JSC Exam Result 2018 Barisal Board:

It is also recognized as the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Barisal. The board is responsible for conducting the Junior School Certificate (JSC), SSC and HSC Examinations. This Barisal Board started its operation from the year 1999 and it has remained to be a center of excellence in the field of education for many years. This is reflected on the JSC Result 2018 and also JSC Exam Result 2018 and JSC Result 2018 BD for this year.

This institution is heading more than a thousand academic institutions all over the country of Bangladesh. The main responsibility of this board is to maintain a stable education and providing total support on academic and sportsmanship across the board. The board has also taken a step of sponsoring and providing the scholarship for students with high merits.

The main objective of the Barisal board is to ensure that relevant education is provided to all students and the academic standards required for institutions are met. Many students from the country sit for the JSC exam every year under the Barisal board. With a high expectation of good results by these students, they always wait for the day of their results with excitement. The Barisal Board publishes the JSC results on the same day and at the same time as other boards. The results are always available on the official website of the Barisal Board after it has been published. The methods to check the results are as mentioned above you also read more about JSC Exam Result 2018 Barisal Board.

JSC Result 2018 Dhaka Board:

Dhaka board was established in the year 1961. Its responsibility is to conduct public examinations in Dhaka. Dhaka board is the main education board in the country. Thousands of students in Bangladesh sits for the JSC examination under this Dhaka Board. Some of the best famously known academic institutions are under this board as well. The Dhaka board also holds the highest number of GPA 5 results in the country. From the board’s statistics in 2016, the number of GPA 5 scorer were 196,263. This number was the highest compared to the previous years and it increased the success rate to 93%. During that year of 2016, more than 2 million students sat for the JSC Examination under the Dhaka Board.

Their sole responsibility is to provide a prime solution during any kind of academic problems, to collect and to verify every document regarding the examinations. Any relocation of candidates or if any candidate wishes to sit for the examinations under this board in another different center then this board will organize for it. The other responsibility of the Dhaka board is the cancellation of the exams if in case of any cheating or any activity that would compromise the eligibility of the results.

Jessore Board JSC Result 2018 :

Jessore board was established in the year 1963 for the Khulna divisions. Many famous academic institutions are on this board. This board is also known for giving good marks to maximum candidates every year. The checking of results from this board is the same as the other examination boards and results. They publish the results on their official website. The JSC Result 2018, JSC Exam Result 2018 and JSC Result 2018 BD can be obtained from Jessore board official website. Many institutions (more than twenty-five) are offering their services under this board.

Mymensingh Board JSC Result 2018:

In the previous years, the Mymensingh board used to conduct only the SSC and HSC examinations across the board but recently they have started holding JSC examinations. Most of the students of the Mymensingh who will be doing the JSC examinations for the first time conducted by this board will be tensed compared to other candidates from other districts. The candidates of Mymensingh will be very new to the examination system and the grading system as well but they do not have to worry since the examinations are almost similar in setting to the other previous examinations. The rules and regulations for the examination will be as per the Ministry of Education which is the main body administering the other nine boards.

This Mymensingh board constitutes of over 1800 academic institutions not to forget the Bengali mediums and English version schools which are also under this board. The advantage of this board is that all the activities are automated and one will receive any kind of service appropriately. These services are economical, time saving and authentic. They will also upload in their subdomain results regarding the JSC Result 2018, JSC Exam Result 2018 or JSC Result 2018 BD

Rajshahi Board JSC Result 2018:

This board was established in the year 1961 and it is among the oldest boards in Bangladesh. This board engineered the establishment of a separate education zone in the North of Bengal. They had their own way of administering and controlling public examinations. The sole objective of Rajshahi education board is to multiply and develop the government’s view of educational policy. This education board is also trying to execute its educational facilities within its ability and given jurisdiction. From the analysis of the previous examination results, the passing rate of JSC and JDC in Rajshahi was 91% in 2017.


This year 2018 more than 20 lakhs students are sitting for the JSC examinations under Rajshahi Board. This board administers examinations of students as the second largest number after the Dhaka board. The JSC Result 2018, JSC Exam Result 2018 and JSC Result 2018 BD will be posted on the Rajshahi official website.

Sylhet Board JSC Exam Result 2018 :

This board is regarded as the best and most promising education board in Bangladesh. The fact about this board is that the passing rates of their examinations are high. There is also a high expectation for this year’s JSC Result 2018. Despite this fact, the number of candidates sitting for these examinations are few but remains the top performers. The results for these board JSC examinations can be found on their official website. Sylhet Cadet College is among the prominent institutions under this board.

Dinajpur Board JSC Result 2018 :

Dinajpur board is recent to be established in 2006. Previously they were under the Rajshahi Board but now they control eight districts in their region. Their main objective is to provide assistance and recognition to the institutions that are non-governmental. The board supervises these institutions thoroughly. The JSC Result 2018, JSC Exam Result 2018 and JSC Result 2018 BD of the Dinajpur board is found in its official website and the method for checking is mentioned above.

JDC Result 2018 – Bangladesh Madrasah Board Result:

This board was established in the year 1979 and it included in their syllabus subjects like science and humanities. The JDC
examinations are equivalent to the JSC examinations. The students who sat for the JDC exams are known for scoring highly. Their way of administering exams is the same as that of JSC. In addition, the examination dates and dates for publishing results are all the same as that of JSC. Read more about JDC Result 2018.

JSC Result Grading System:

Many students and parents always ask for how grading is done for the JSC examinations. No more panic as the grading system is as below. Previously the results were given to students through the division system but now the grading system in it includes grades that are given to students’ subject wise. The points are awarded along with the students overall GPA. Before they do not reveal their marks.
Below is the grading system for the JSC examinations.


Marks Range Letter Grade Grade Point
80 – 100 A+ 5
70 – 79 A 4
60 – 69 A- 3.5
50 – 59 B 3
40 – 49 C 2
33 – 39 D 1
0 – 33 F 0


How To Check JSC Result 2018 – Education Board Result Video Tutorial



Gaining of full marks as 85-100 will earn a candidate a GPA of 5 and is a sign of intelligence and hard work. The same grading system will be used for the JSC Result 2018. Any candidate who is not satisfied with the results is encouraged to apply for the JSC Scrutiny process and the procedures for this are available on the board website.

That was all with respect to the JSC Result 2018. To the students who will be sitting for the JSC Examination for the first time, good luck! One thing you should always remember is that do not freeze during the exam time by any means. Plan well for your exams. Nothing is hard if you prepare for the exams appropriately. I am certain you will be among the numerous toppers. Simply recall the process of checking your results. There are three appropriate ways. Make a point to have all your exam confirmation documents before you check your JSC Result 2018. I believe this information will be of importance to you.

All the best.

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