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Dhaka Education Board JSC Exam Result 2019 Online & SMS

Dhaka board started operating from the year 1961. It was mandated to give and supervise public examinations in the institutions under its jurisdiction. It was then the main board for education in Bangladesh. Many students from the country sat for the JSC examinations conducted by the Dhaka Board. Several developed institutions with the highest ranking in Bangladesh are under this Dhaka Education Board. During the year, 2016 the number of top performers with GPA 5 increased as compared to the previous years and this credit was given to the Dhaka board. Many students sat for the JSC examination that year and the success 93 percent of the candidates attained the average required grades. This trend is also expected to continue this year for the results that will be published in 2019. Their sole responsibility is to provide a prime solution during any kind of academic problems, to collect and to verify every document regarding the examinations.

The board also gives the candidates an easy time in reorganizing their selves as they recognize conditions or situations that may force someone to shift the position or Centre of examination. They allowed this transfer with simple terms and conditions to be met by the candidate. This has given this board the popularity of registering the highest number of candidates from the region it supervises.

The Dhaka board, on the other hand, is strict on the integrity of the exams as it always cancels the exams if any compromise of the legality of the exams is found. The victims who will be found for colluding during the examination period will also be held according to the set laws and policies of the education board.

Currently, the students or their parents and guardians through various ways provided by the board and other education boards available in Bangladesh can access the JSC Result 2019 Dhaka Board. Previously physically checking from your child’s respective schools or even contacting the representatives of those institutions could access these results. This trend could always make the students and parents to be excited as they wait for the results to be published. Others may even panic but your problem of accessing the results is now sorted by the new ways of accessing the results without being at the institution physically. The JSC Result 2019 Dhaka Board will be accessed in three ways once published. These media are the Dhaka board website with the assistance of the internet, through mobile SMS application and the available official application of the Dhaka board that is found in play store or google app store.

Most people fear this way of accessing results through online means as they fear for the results getting hacked or even manipulated. This article will explain in detail all these methods of accessing the JSC results in 2019.

How to check JSC Result 2019 Dhaka Board.

As mentioned earlier the JSC Exam Result 2019 will be checked in three different ways. These methods are the use of the application mobile SMS, official website application which is downloaded from the google play store and app store and the last method is checking it on the official website of the education board. All these are functional once the results have been published. These three ways of accessing the JSC Result 2019 have made it easy for you to know your results at any time from any place and at your wish. Let us now see how to uses these methods to check the JSC examination results in 2019. Check Here JDC Result 2019 All Information.

How to Check the JSC Result 2019 Dhaka Board Online from the website.

The Dhaka board once has done with the analysis of the results of the JSC examinations they publish them on the Educations board website and make it available to the public from their official website. The website link is educationboardresults.gov.bd.

The first step is to check the results online and the following steps describe how it should be done.

First, visit the official education board website from your computer. The link is www.educationboard.gov.bd

  • The second step is to tap on the JSC Examinations part.
  • The third step is to tap on the board alternative and select your board name from the drop menu.
  • The fourth step is to write your Roll Number in the given section appropriately.
  • The fifth step is to input your school registration number appropriately.
  • The last step is to tap on the Get results option below.
  • You will see your results appearing on your computer screen within a short time.

Another alternative of checking your results online is via the eboardresults.com. The procedure of doing this is similar to the one above but has a few changes as shown below.

How to Check JSC Examination Results 2019 Online.

  1. Visit the eboardresults.com from your PC browser.
  2. You tap on the JSC Result catch.
  3. Then select from the drop menu the time of examination.
  4. The board name should be appropriately selected.
  5. Select the type of results you are checking for e.g. individual.
  6. Enter the right Registration Number similar to the one used during the exams.
  7. Tap on getting the Result option located on the bottom of the web.
  8. The results you requested will display on your computer screen

JSC Exam Result

How to Check Your Results via Mobile SMS.

This is the other easiest way of checking your JSC Examination results 2019 without the need of an internet or a computer. It is also the quickest and secure way of accessing your results. The systematic procedure for checking your results via SMS is explained below.

How to Check Your JSC Result 2019 Dhaka Board via Mobile SMS.

  • First, you need to have physically a functional mobile phone and a SIM card of any operating Bangladesh network.
  • Your available airtime balance should not be less than 2.50 TK
  • You should have knowledge of writing and reading a text message.
  • Having all these then you are good to go.
  • On your mobile phone go to the SMS application and tap on creating a new message.
  • Then type appropriately JSC, space followed by the first three letters of the board name then space, type your roll number then space and lastly type your year of examination.
  • After typing the text appropriately then send it to 16222.
  • You will receive your JSC results in form of a text SMS from your phone within a short time.

How to Check JSC Result 2019 Dhaka Board by App.

The education examinations board has made it easier for the candidates to check their results by introducing their official mobile App. There are many other applications available on the play store and app store, which tries to do the same purpose as the Dhaka board app but the board advised that you install their appropriate application, which is more secure, and have a friendly interface.

The below steps explains how to access your JSC Result 2019 Dhaka Board examinations.

  • To start with, you must have a smartphone or a phone to install the app. On your phone launch the google play store app or access it from the website.
  • On the search tool, type the JSC results Education board and tap on the install option.
  • After installing then launch the app from your phone.
  • Tap on the view results pops up.
  • On the given interface input your appropriate examination details. These details are the JSC examinations, your right roll number, your board name, and the enrollment number and finally input the year of examination.
  • After confirming that you have input the right information required then click on the submit option.
  • Your results will display immediately.

That is all about how to check your JSC Result 2019 Dhaka Board.

Good luck!

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