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JSC Result 2019 Sylhet Education Board

SYLHET BOARD is well known for its good performance and progress as an examination board in Bangladesh. From the previous JSC results, this board has been registering the highest number of students who have passed the JSC examination. The board praises and credit this to the support given to them by the teachers, students, and parents without exempting the board’s management.  However, Sylhet board has registered the smallest number of students ready to sit for the JSC Sylhet board examinations this year 2019. The students are expected to perform well as they are determined. The prominent institution under this board is the Sylhet Cadet College in Bangladesh.

 JSC Result 2019 Sylhet Board

Check SSC Result 2019 Here

How to Check Sylhet Board Exam Result 2019 Online.

The Sylhet Board Exam Result 2019 can be checked on the Sylhet examinations board official website or educationboard.gov.bd. The board publishes the results on the web and from there it can be accessed by anyone from the region. The website is free and reliable but you only need the internet to browse on it. Check the Sylhet Board Exam Result 2019.

The instructions mentioned below will help you interact with the board’s website.

Procedure 1: Checking the Sylhet Board Exam Result 2019 online.

  1. Start your PC and visit the eboardresults.com site from your browser. The system will give you an image like the one below.
  2. Click on the JSC Examination part and choose JSC/JDC.
  3. Choose from the list 2019 as your Exam year.
  4. Select Sylhet as your JSC board name from the provided options.
  5. Type your correct Roll number on the box provided.
  6. Input your correct Registration Number appropriately.
  7. Perform the operation given and type the correct result. For this case is 9.
  8. Tap on the submit button and wait for a while.
  9. Your Sylhet Board Exam Result 2019 will display your PC screen.

Another site from which you can check your Sylhet Board Exam Result 2019 is the educationboardsresults.gov.bd. See Sylhet Board Exam Result 2019. The simultaneous way of doing this task without the inconvenience is highlighted below.

Procedure 2: Check Sylhet Board Exam Result 2019 by this website below:

  1. Visit educationboardsresults.gov.bd from your computer.
  2. Tap on the Examinations option and select JSC.
  3. Select the appropriate time of examination for this case is 2019.
  4. Select Sylhet as your respective board name from the drop menu.
  5. Select your correct type of results for instance Individual.
  6. Enter your correct Registration Number and input your roll number appropriately which similar to the one used during the examination.
  7. Execute the request for your results by tapping the button below.
  8. Your Sylhet Board Exam Result 2019will pop on your screen.

Procedure 3: How to Check Your Sylhet Board Exam Result 2019 via Mobile SMS.

This is always the surest way of accessing JSC results by most people across the board. The reason why the highest population uses this method is that almost more than half of the population I Bangladesh owns a mobile phone. However, not all of them possess a smartphone or a computer. Therefore, the Mobile SMS captures most of the population when accessing the Sylhet Board Exam Result 2019. This method is less costly, has fewer requirements and it is less tiresome and more convenient when compared to other ways of accessing JSC results. Despite that, the SMS app is not reliable when checking the JSC mark sheet as it cannot capture the graphical content. For this case, a computer or online method will be preferred. Therefore, to get your Sylhet Board Exam Result 2019you to require a mobile phone with a T card or sim card registered with Bangladesh network operators. Internet connection is not required. The card should have a minimum of 2.5 TK airtime balance. These are the charges to be deducted for you to get your results via SMS. Follow the steps below to find your Sylhet Board Exam Result 2019.

See more here: How to Check Sylhet Board Exam Result 2019 via Mobile SMS.

Launch your SMS application on your phone and tap on creating a message. On the text box type your examination details in this order: < JSC><SPACE><THREE LETTERS OF THE BOARD e.g. (SYL)><SPACE><ROLL NUMBER><SPACE><EXAMINATION YEAR e.g. (2019)>

After typing your details in that format then send it to 16222 and wait for the examinations board to respond. Your Sylhet Board Exam Result 2019 will display on your phone in the form of a short message.

Procedure 4: How to Check Sylhet Board Exam Result 2019 via the Android or Apple App.

The Examinations department started an official application in which people could use to view their results. This application is downloaded from the board’s website via the link provided there. It can also be found on the various platforms for downloading apps in Android phones and iPhone phones. It is important that you use the official application for the board. The reason for introducing this application is to make it reliable for the public to view the JSC Results. The board has succeeded so far for this purpose.  Install the Official App just because it is more secure and without malice.

See here: Sylhet Board Exam Result 2019 for more.

Follow the steps below to check your Sylhet Board Exam Result 2019.

1)  Go to your phone browser and search google play store or apple store.

2) On the application, store interface the search box which comes when you tap on the search symbol and search for JSC board app.

3)   Install the application and open it for use.

4)  On clicking the “View result” do procedure 5 below.

5)   Enter all your JSC 2019 exam details on the appropriate section correctly.

7)   Send your request by clicking on the Submit catch.

You will get the results immediately. To know how to check your Sylhet Board Exam Result 2019 follow this link by clicking here.


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