Christmas Day 2018 Messages And wallpaper

Inspirational Christmas Day 2018 Messages And wallpaper


Christmas day messages 2016 – Christmas is a great day to share with those who you love. It is especially great for Christians celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. We’re giving you some Christmas messages to share with those who you love and are celebrating with.

Christmas Day New  20 Messages 2018

Message 1:

“The day of Christmas is aloft

The streets are filled with so much cheer

But this day would be all for not

If I did not have someone so dear

The songs are of joy make me smile

The gifts are great – this is true

But I know all the while

Would be nothing without you

Merry Christmas!”

Message 2:

“Christmas time is a gift

crossing off my Christmas list

family friends and neighbors too

and a Merry Christmas sent to you!

Merry Christmas!”

Message 3:

“Merry Christmas many say

Christ the savior born Christmas day

Rest in heaven and above

May you be blessed with his love

Merry Christmas!”

Message 4:

“Merry Christmas

you may have heard

once, twice

perhaps a third

A fourth a fifth

All the same you see

Unless of course

You hear it from me

Merry Christmas!”

Message 5

“Tis the season

need no reason

Call the cousins

Call the deacon

Wish to cops and county clerks

Wish to kind and wish to jerks

I’m often told I’ve gone berserk

Told I should no longer lurk

Told I have quite a quirk

Told to get back to work

I say ?? NO!’ I have one more

Add your name down to the score

Merry Christmas!”

Message 6:

“Despite the worries and weary

When days seem rather gloomy

It can be hard to keep faith

But Christmas time is here

Let’s celebrate

Merry Christmas!”

Message 7:

“I saw a car in a magazine

Its quality was quite pristine

It would make many jump with glee

But that is not the gift for me

I saw watch in a store

The price underneath was quite a score

While many may disagree

That is not the gift for me

There is family gathered today

In the house, and dare I say

While many others may not see

That is the gift for me

Message 8:

Merry Christmas!”

“Parties Santa Presents and more

Christmas is a real galore

I have a gift and I know who it’s for

I hope it warms you to your core

Message 9:

Merry Christmas!”

“Jesus Christ Bethlehem

Oh did he start a trend

Gifts presents to send

Celebrations never end

The one born caused a riot

Not many can deny it

But his birth left a mark

made the angels say “hark”

Two thousand years not a change

Many think the story is strange

Celebrate this day with me

And know his love made history

Message 10:

Merry Christmas!”

“Reindeers to Roof

House and hoof

Gifts to give

Love to live

It’s Christmas time!”

Message 11:

“Joy peace love

can’t get enough

I’d like to choose

Spend Xmas with you

Merry Christmas!”

Message 12:

“It’s here, and like no other

Gather with one another

Love and song throughout the street

Christmas lights – what a feat!

Perhaps the best day of the year

One the wipes up all the tears

Spreading love no more hate

Christmas is quite a date

Years ago he was born

Angels sung

Kings adjourn

It was the savior who was born

May his love shine around

May his blessings pour over

A great Christmas wish to you

Luck as a three leaf clover

Merry Christmas!”

Message 13:

“Perhaps a happy day

Perhaps celebrate

Even if it’s cold

Even if it’s late

Christ the savior was born

Christ the savior lives today

Love is being shared

Love everyone always

Merry Christmas!”

Message 14:

“Born in a manger

Born next to stranger

Some from the fields

Some from afar

Not many noticed

Not many cared

Many expected

Messiah was where



Christ on earth

No vacation

God’s love from above

Jesus life like a Dove

Beyond imagination



Jesus Christ was born

Merry Christmas!”

Message 15:

“I wish you a Merry Christmas

I wish joy upon you and your family

I wish love into your household

I hope blessings pour into your house

For years ago

Too many to count

The savior was born


Merry Christmas!”

Message 16:

“There was a day years ago

A town was filled to the brim

No rooms in the inn

Only a stable

The stable hosted the birth of Christ

Shepherds and angels came to see

Kings and Wiseman came to see

The birth of Christ

Merry Christmas!”

Message 17:

“Perhaps the night was cold

Perhaps the night was not

Perhaps the manger was soft

Perhaps it was rock

There are few things we know

Not place not time

But we do know this

Born that night was Christ

Merry Christmas!”

Message 18 :

“I wish a good Christmas to you

I hope that love fills the house

I wish a happy Christmas to you

I home that smiles rest on faces

I wish a fun Christmas to you

I hope that laughter fills the room

I wish a merry Christmas to you

I hope that joy fills you up

Merry Christmas!”

Message 19 :

“Santa Clause and toys

Little girls and boys

Reindeer and elves

It happens at twelve

Santa Clause mounts his slay

Not a second to lose

He can’t delay

Because all over the world

In every house there sleeps

Little boys and girls

The wrote their lists

They were very kind

They did their best to be nice

And now Santa is on his way

Flying past on his sleigh

Passing through

Going fast

The morning comes and Santa is done

He had yet another fantastic run

Gifts to those who were nice

And coal for some with a bit more spice

After all that preparation

Some might take a vacation

But not Santa and his Elves

They work once more to jingle bells

Merry Christmas!”

Message 20:

“Stockings on the wall

Decorations down the hall

Quite as a mouse

No noise in this house

Cookies on the table

This is not a fable

For on the roof

Click click click

Down the chimney

Quick and slick

Out with the presents

Cookies are gone

Off to the next house

He doesn’t wait long

Merry Christmas!”

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We hope you have a great Christmas, and share these encouraging messages with your loved ones. Have fun celebrating the birth of Christ! Have a great Christmas, and share God’s love for everyone!

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