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SSC Result 2019 Bangladesh Education Board with Marksheet

SSC Result 2019 Check Online quickly from Web-Based Result Publication System for Education Board Bangladesh. SSC Result 2019 published The SSC Candidates can also download SSC Result Marksheet 2019 quickly from www education board results gov bd, the official website of Education board Bangladesh. Recently, the Authority changed the title to SSC Result. This change is positive and the SSC Candidates will get the official website at the top position while they will search it. 

Check Here SSC Result 2019 is the trending queries for the SSC Examine in Bangladesh. The Full meaning of SSC is Secondary School Certificate. No other public Result available in Bangladesh is as large as SSC. So, You need to have sufficient concept about the SSC Result in Bangladesh to Check it fast from any system, any Platform easily. We are Introducing that all the Necessary Information regarding the SSC Exam Result under All Available Education Board Bangladesh are available here.

So, after reading this Article, anyone will be eligible to check their Result 2019 easily when it will be available to check. The other queries like the Result Publish Date, Mark Sheet Download, Board Challenge, and Scholarship Result related Information can also be checked from us. Don’t waste your time! Just read the exact part of this Article which you are looking for! If you don’t have sufficient time, you can Read the specific part of this Article for understanding.

SSC Result 2019 News:

The Ministry of Education, Bangladesh Dr. Dipu Moni has announced the SSC Result Date 2019 for all education board of Bangladesh. All the SSC Candidates and their guardian, relatives and other people can check the SSC Exam Result 2019 at 10 AM of 6 May 2019. The Prime Minister of Bangladesh will publish the Result where the Pass Rate, Board wise Pass Rate, total GPA 5.00 and Board wise GPA 5 counts will be added.

The Details Result of SSC Exam 2019 will be published at 01:00 PM on the same date where the Candidates will get their Result on the Education Board Bangladesh Official Result archive. Number wise SSC Result 2019 will be published at Online within 01:30 PM on 06 May 2019. All of the SSC Candidates will get their SSC Result 2019 quickly on this website while it will be available to check Online.

SSC Result 2019 Check

SSC Result 2019 Publish Date:

When will the SSC Result 2019 Publish? Do you know the exact date for publishing the Education Board Bangladesh SSC Result? Here we are describing details about the SSC Result Date 2019. While we are going to find out the date of Publishing SSC Result, We have found that every year, the Result has published on May 2nd Week. In 2019, the SSC Exam started at the same time as this year and the Result has published on 11th May 2019. So, this year result will also publish on May 10th to May 17th. When the Ministry of Education Bangladesh Nurul Islam Nahid will announce the Date officially, we will add the date instant here. Just come back here again to check the SSC Result Official Publish date 2019.

How To Check SSC Result 2019 With Full Marksheet?

SSC Result 2019 Bangladesh has actually been actually posted. Greater college certification in brief SSC is actually the very most necessary exam at all lesson 9 -10 trainees. After that, they are going to acknowledge information Higher education, I suggest SSC. They wish to recognize How to accumulate SSC exam Result 2019 for all education board in Bangladesh. That is actually why today I am actually discussing all readily available procedure for SSC Exam Results check out.

How to Check SSC Result 2019 Online :

Online is the best ways of checking the Public Exam Result in Bangladesh and also other countries. This is the Time of Communication where every stage people are using the Internet for their Daily Communication. Accrediting to this reason, the Result publish online. There are more benefits available for publishing the Public exam Result Online. So, Read this system carefully and keep yourself ready now to check your SSC Result 2019 Online Fast and Free!

Every Public Exam publishes after 2 PM on the Selected Result publish date. So, make sure that your Internet connection was working fine. If everything is ok, You can Visit or EducationBoardResults.Gov.BD to Check your Result fast. While the Result will be published, it can be checked instant with the above portal. Both portals are powered and maintenance by the Government of Bangladesh. After visiting these one or both sites for checking your SSC Result 2019 Online, the visitor needs to verify their Identity for checking the Result.

How to Check SSC Result 2019 From

If you have visited on, You need to Click Individual Result 1st. Then, Select Examination as SSC/Dakhil/Equivalent. Now, select Exam Year as 2019, Board Name and then enter the SSC Roll and Registration Number (Optional). Again, prove yourself as Human and Click in the Get result button to show your Result. We are very happy to inform you that, here you will get your SSC Result 2019 with Full Mark sheet. The user who doesn’t have the Registration Number can also check the Result by entering SSC Roll Number only.

SSC Result 2019 From EducationBoardResults.Gov.BD:

The user who want to Check their SSC Result 2019 Online from Education Board Bangladesh Official Website, need to visit the official Result publish Portal (Archive) of Bangladesh Education Board and then follow the below Step to check your SSC Result 2019 Fast after publishing the Result officially by the education Board Bangladesh.

  • First Step: Select SSC/Dakhil from Examination Category
  • Second Step: Select 2019 from Year Category
  • Third Step: Enter your 6 Digits SSC Roll Number
  • Fifth Step: Enter your SSC Registration Number
  • Sixth Step: Prove yourself as Human by entering the Math Solve.
  • Final Step: Click Submit button to check your Result.

With this portal, you can’t check your Result with Mark Sheet after 2 PM when the Result will be published. The Full SSC Result Marksheet will be available after 2 PM. The Result data will be transferred to the Education Board Result Archive.

SSC Result 2019 by Mobile SMS:

The user who doesn’t have an Internet Device or wants Check SSC Result 2019 Fast can follow the Mobile SMS Format to check the Result Instant after Publishing by the Education Board Bangladesh. The SMS Based Public Result System powered and Maintenance by Teletalk Bangladesh Limited. When the Result publishes online, it will also publish the Mobile SMS portal instant. You at the same time while the users are busy to check their Result Online, this time you can check your Result by Mobile SMS System.

If you are ready to Check Your SSC Result 2019 by Mobile SMS, You need to Recharge your Mobile Account and keep Sufficient balance for sending request message of Check the Result. Then, wait until the Result publish because if you will send the message before publishing the Result, You will be charged the selected amount (BDT 2.44) but you won’t be receiving your Result. Only the Result will available after publishing the result Online. If the Result has Published, Just follow the below SMS Format and send the message to Check your Result.

SSC 1st Three Letters of Board Name Roll 2019 to 16222

While you will send the message with the above format after publishing the Result, you will receive another SMS with your Result (Name and GPA only). Details Result (Subject wise Result) will be available after 6 PM of the Result publish date. All Private operators numbers are also allowed sending the Message for checking the SSC Result 2019 by Mobile SMS.

SSC Result 2019 Android Mobile APP:

The Android Smartphone users can Download the BD Result Official Android App which powered by Teletalk Bangladesh Limited. The APP is now available in the Google Play store. The user can also get the Google Play direct Install link on the Education Board Bangladesh Official Result Check Portal. If you have already installed the App in your Android, Please ignore this part of this post because here is the only Information for the news who didn’t install the App till now. After Clicking in the link: Login to play store with your Gmail ID (Google Account), then the Install the App. You can also provide 5 Star to ranking higher.

After successful installation, open the App and Click View Result Button. Then require information will visible to you on the Screen. Just wait for publishing the SSC Result 2019. If the Result has Published, fill out and select the entire category with correct information and click on the submit button to Check your Result instant. SSC Full Marksheet 2019 can be downloaded from here when the Mark sheet will available here (Visible).


SSC Result 2019 Dhaka Education Board:

The SSC Examine under Dhaka Education Board can be checked their SSC Result 2019 from here. We have already added the available system of SSC Result 2019 Check Fast! As an SSC Examine under Dhaka Education Board, The Examine can Check their Result Online from the Dhaka Board Official Website, Education Board Result check Portal and via Mobile SMS system. To check your Dhaka Board SSC Result 2019 Online, Visit Dhaka Education Board Official Website and Click SSC from the Result Menu or Step up the Education Board Result Online (Above in this Post) and follow the guideline to Check your Result Online.
If you want to check your Dhaka Board SSC Result 2019 by Mobile SMS, Just follow below Mobile SMS Format and send the message to check the Result.

SSC DHA XXXXXX  2019 to 16222 (Replace the XXXXXX to your SSC Roll)

After Sending the Message, You will Receive a Confirmation SMS with your Result while you have sent the message with Right conditions. So, Check Your Dhaka Education Board SSC Result fast after publishing.

SSC Result 2019 Chittagong Education Board:

The SSC Examine under Chittagong Education Board can check their SSC Result 2019 Chittagong Board fast and free Online from the all above systems and also via the Official Website of Chittagong Board. While you will Visit the Chittagong Board Official Website, You will show the Result menu where the Result Check link is available. It is optional because, in the past, we have described the best ways for checking Result Online. You can follow these systems directly or Check your Result via Mobile SMS.

To check your Chittagong Education Board SSC Result 2019 by Mobile SMS, Here is the complete Format available which can forward to 16222 to check your Result with your Own Roll. Every Examine can replace the Example Roll Number from the below and send it to 16222.

SSC CHI 201510 2019

Just Replace the Example Role 201510 with your SSC Roll and send the Message to 16222 from any Mobile Number. You will be charged 2.44 TK for a short message and another SMS you will receive to the number you have used to send a message. The incoming message will carry your Result. You can also use BD Result Official Android App to check your SSC Result 2019 Chittagong Education Board easily.

SSC Result 2019 Rajshahi Education Board:

Rajshahi Education Board SSC Result 2019 will be available Online, Mobile SMS and Android App at a time when the Education Board Result will be published officially. The SSC Examine under Rajshahi Education Board can follow any one or more ways to check their Result. But, we highly recommend you to check your Rajshahi Board Result Online. If you don’t have the requirements for checking the Result online, you can also follow the Mobile SMS system to check out the Result fast. So, visit the Official Website and Follow the Result Category which available on the homepage. Click the Result button to check your Result Individually and Click Institution Result to check your Result by Institute EIIN Number.

SSC Result 2019 Rajshahi Board also can be checked by the Mobile Phone SMS System. We hope that you have already gained about it passed because we have added the general rules or conditions in the above. Now go to the message option and type the below Format. Then send the message to 16222 from the mobile Number you are using.

SSC RAJ 345678 2019

If an SSC Examine 2019 under Rajshahi Education Board with Roll 345678 can check his/her Result by SMS, he/she needs to follow that Format. You just need to replace the Example Roll with your Original Roll to check your own Result.

SSC Result 2019 Dinajpur Education Board:

Dinajpur is the last created Education Board in Bangladesh. The SSC Result 2019 under Dinajpur Education Board can be check with different ways. There is no link available for checking the Dinajpur Board SSC Result 2019 directly after visiting the Dinajpur Board official website. So, you don’t require visiting the official website of Dinajpur Education Board. You need to visit directly to the Education Board Bangladesh Result Check portal or (New) to check your Result Online.
Without online, you are also eligible to check your Result by Mobile SMS System and also from the Android Mobile Application of Bangladesh Board Result (Powered and developed by Teletalk). Install the App in your Android from Play store or follow the below Mobile SMS system to check SSC Result 2019 Dinajpur Board by SMS.

SSC DIN 223344 2019

By entering the above text in the message option of your Mobile phone and enter your Roll number in the place of 223344, send it to 16222. After sending the message, the result will be available in your Mobile Inbox!

SSC Result 2019 Comilla Education Board:

While a user will visit the Official Website of Comilla Education Board (, they will find out their Result Check link easily under the Result Tab in the Primary Menu. After Clicking the Link, the user will be redirected to the page of SSC Result 2019 Comilla Board Check Online. Then, follow the Instruction and provide the necessary information. After providing, while you will click in the submit button, your Result will be visible on the screen. This system will work faster than all other systems available for checking public exam Result in Bangladesh.

If you want, you can also check your SSC Result 2019 under Comilla Education Board from your Mobile Phone easily. The Android smartphone users and non-smartphone (Feature phone) users both users can check their Result fast. If you are using a feature phone, you need to send a message with the below system (Rules) and send the message while the Result will be published (Expected time: 02 PM).

SSC COM 989898 2019 (989898= Your Roll)

After typing the message in your Message option, send the message to 16222 from any operator Number. You will receive your Result as soon as possible. The Smartphone users can complete this task but they can also use the SSC Result Check Android App to check their Result faster without any charge, where the SMS system will charge BDT 2.44

SSC Result 2019 Barisal Education Board:

According to SSC Result 2019 Barisal Education Board, We have found that the SSC Examine 2019 under Barisal Education Board, Guardians and the other people who want to check Secondary School Certificate Exam Result 2019, can easily from the Official website of Barisal Education Board, Bangladesh which is; After visiting the link, the user will find the Direct Result check script on the front page (Homepage).

The Trending Result can be checked via the Script. It means when the SSC Result 2019 will publish, everyone will eligible to check the SSC Result 2019 Barisal Board. But, when another Public exam Result will publish, the Recent Result will be available on the script by replacing the Result.
You can also check your Barisal Education Board SSC Result 2019 by Mobile SMS and Android Mobile App. To check your Result via Mobile SMS, Just Recharge your Mobile Account and keep sufficient balance. Then wait until the Result Publish Officially. After publishing the Result, you need to send the message with the below Format to the Teletalk Bangladesh Limited Education portal Number 16222.

SSC BAR 123456 2019 (Replace 123456 with your SSC Roll)

While you will send the message with the desired Format, you will receive another Message from 16222 in your Number with your Name and GPA. Details result in Mobile SMS always available after 6 PM of the Result Publish date.

SSC Result 2019 Jessore Education Board:

Jessore Board always provides extra priority to the Examine for checking the public exam Result under Jessore Education Board. SSC Result 2019 Jessore Education Board can be checked instant only entering the Examine Roll Number from Jessore Board Own Result Server. Jessore Board has made an own Result Check portal that’s known as Jessore Board Internal Result Check portal. The Direct link of this Server is; Just Visit the link and Check your Result easily after publishing the Result Officially by the Education Board Bangladesh.
If you want to check your Jessore Board SSC Result 2019 by SMS, You can also check it easily. Just follow the below SMS format after Recharging your Mobile Account for sending a message to 16222 with the Result Check information.

SSC JES 224466 2019 (here, 224466 = SSC Roll)

After sending the Message, the user will be charge 2.44 TK every time which they will send the message. Remember that, the incoming Message with your SSC Result 2019 Jessore Board take several times which depends on server response and a total number of Request hits at a time in the server.

SSC Result 2019 Sylhet Education Board:

The Sylhet Education Board Bangladesh Provides the SSC Result 2019. It provides Check opportunity very fast from or like other Education Board Bangladesh. They have also made a Quick response server where the Examine can check their Result instant when the Result will be published officially. If you are an SSC Examine or Guardians or have a relationship with an Examine, You can check the SSC Result 2019 under Sylhet Education Board quickly from; while you will Visit this link, You will see a box with title SSC Roll. Just Enter Your SSC Roll and click on the submit button to check your Result.

You can also check your Sylhet Board SSC Result 2019 from your own Mobile by sending Message. Please make sure that you have sufficient balance in your Account before publishing the Result. If everything is OK, Just go to the message option and type the below SMS. Type SMS Format and then send the message to 16222.

SSC SYL 876543 2019

Just replace the 876543 with your SSC Roll Number and then send the message after publishing the Result Officially. You will receive your Result soon. Not only via SMS but can you also check your Sylhet Board SSC Result 2019 via Mobile Application. Just visit the Education board Results Check portal Bangladesh and Click the Footer link to install it in your Android.

How To Check SSC Result 2019 Video Tutorial

This is the final session about the content SSC Result 2019. We already have added all the requirements and necessary information. So, get about the SSC Exam Result 2019 under All Education Board Bangladesh. Finally, we hope that you have successfully understood the article. We hope you gained the ways of checking the Result.

Do you have any question or query or need more information? The SSC Result Bangladesh for all Education Board or your Specific Education Board. You can make a comment here via the below available comment box. You can also use our contact us form to submit a ticket. One of our Admit will receive your queries and reply you back soon with the latest information. Thank you for visiting us with your valuable time. Check Also HSC Result 2019


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