Fortnite Season 8 is Going to Kick Off and Here is What You Can Expect from Them

Good news people, the Fortnite Season 8 is going to kick off soon. If you are somebody who loves to spend your time with the game, then you must be one excited person. Gamers beware a new dragon is on the horizon.

You do not have wait too long, because it is going to be less time. According to hints garnered, the designers make it ample clear that the new season is going to be exciting with more pirates and action, unlike its predecessor.

They even send out a few tweets to get the ordinary mortals very excited. Some of them read, “When you combine the pieces of the teaser of the new season, players can have a look at the viper-like creature on the left and an image of something holding a hook on the right hand.

According to their latest update on Twitter, “An Xbox leak has revealed that the right side of the creature looks like a mask of a tiger. Sadly, the tiger skin is not what it seems to be. Players will have to play the game in the new season to completely understand what it is all about.

Apart from that, players can expect dramatic elements. It is heartening to note that many players feel that the monster is some volcanic creature of some kind. However, the company assures that it is one of a kind.


You can expect to view more than just volcanoes, dragons, pirates, and the other stuff, which you normally see and view when playing the game of the other kinds. This time it is different. You never know, maybe you will be flying planes out of the sky as of now.

You can fly in whatever skin you plan on, but do not forget to lock the noise of the plane for good.

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