Shark Tank Show in Bangladesh

Shark Tank Show in Bangladesh

The internationally renowned business reality show, “Shark Tank,” known for its unique format of entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas to a panel of investors, is set to make its debut in Bangladesh.

“Shark Tank,” which has been aired in over 40 countries, is being brought to Bangladesh through a collaboration between Sony Pictures Entertainment and Bongo, with Robi as the title sponsor and Startup Bangladesh supporting as the ‘Powered by’ collaborator.

This local version aims to tap into the rich entrepreneurial spirit of Bangladesh.

The core concept of “Shark Tank” involves aspiring entrepreneurs presenting their business ideas to the ‘Sharks’ – a group of seasoned investors and business experts.

These Sharks evaluate the pitches and decide whether to invest, based on the potential they see. The entrepreneurs could be showcasing anything from innovative product prototypes to existing services, or even businesses seeking to expand.

Bongo is set to announce a panel of local ‘Sharks’ who will represent various sectors and industries in Bangladesh. The directorial role for “Shark Tank Bangladesh” has been entrusted to Gazi Shubro, promising a show that’s both authentic and engaging.

Bongo CEO Ahad Bhai

Ahad Bhai, CEO of Bongo, expressed pride in bringing the show to Bangladesh, seeing it as a perfect blend of entertainment and empowerment for the people.

Sami Ahmed, Managing Director of Startup Bangladesh, highlighted the show’s alignment with their mission to foster innovation and support startups. He anticipates that “Shark Tank Bangladesh” will inspire and empower local innovators, contributing to the nation’s growth and prosperity.

Aspiring participants can apply through the website or the Myrobi app. Bongo plans to organize open auditions across the country, with details to be announced soon.

Shark Tank Bangladesh” is poised to become a pivotal platform for showcasing and nurturing the entrepreneurial talent of Bangladesh, inspiring a new generation of innovators and business leaders.

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