Disney in Talks with AT&T to Buy Its 10% Stake in Hulu – According to News Reports

Disney is in talks with AT&T to buy its stake in Hulu. That gives Disney a massive control of 70% control of the service provider. As of today, it is looking to expand its share in the market by now acquiring 10% of the streaming service.

The company already owns 30% of the AT&T in Hulu. The other 30% is owned by 21st Century Fox, which Disney plans to now purchase. In last November, the officials based at AT&T spoke about a sale.

WarnerMedia, which is part of AT&T, is now planning to launch its own streaming service. This is seen as a powerful move for both Disney and AT&T. That is because AT&T is in massive debts of more than $900 million.

That money can now be used to repay the debt. Not to mention, Disney plans on having more control on the service provider, which it has been wanting for a very long time. Executives based at AT&T, spoke to weary shareholders last year about the strong possibility of reducing the debt collected by the company.

The company plans on launching it initially and then later offer a brand that is user-friendly. However, that is not on its radar as of now. They plan on focusing and concentrating on adult viewers as of now.

Bob Iger, CEO has said about this deal, “Once the deal closes and Disney will own more than 60% of the ownership. The management of both sides will agree and come to terms with the conditions and opportunities.

However, another company having 30% stake in Hulu, Comcast has no plans of selling its share to anybody as of now. The CEO of NBC Universal, Steve Burke, which owns and operates Comcast, said to investors, they have no reason to sell their 30% of the streaming service as of now.

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