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SSC Result 2019 Published Date & Time All Board

Dear Visitor, Welcome back again to know valuable information. Secondary School Certificate Examination has completed. Examine are waiting for publishing their Result. How many times require processing the Result by the Authority. Some internal processes are also available on the Result Processing section. Ministry of Education always keeps a balance between the Exam Complete date and Result Date. That’s not enough. The Ministry of Education, Bangladesh has confirmed the Date of the SSC Results for this year. SSC and equivalent result 2019 will be released on 06 May 2019 at 10:00 AM.

Not only the SSC Result 2019 Publish Date of 2019 Exam Year But also Every Exam Result Publish on a schedule. If we compare the 2019 session SSC Result date with last year published SSC Result. We hope, Similar Week will be detected. So, the Authority tries to publish all Result on Specific date. Details Calculation is Available on the below.

SSC Result 2019 Official Date

There is an Expected Date of SSC Result BD 2019 which available on Every Education Blog and Website. Many Blog or Website listed a different date for the Result. It is an unofficial Date only. So, they can’t provide any guarantee about the Result Date. Every people want to know the official Date of Result. What is the Official Date of SSC Result 2019? It isn’t available now. It will be available very soon in this post. We will include it on here after the Official Announcement.

The Ministry of Education will announce the Date of Result. Every year Authority arranges a press conference to announce the date. Our New Education Minister Dipu Moni will announce the Official Date of Result. She is the New Minister of Education in Bangladesh. After the General Election in Bangladesh on 30th December 2018, Dipu Moni elected from Rangpur Sadar and Finally selected as Education Minister by the Prime Minister of Bangladesh.

Official Date of SSC Result 2019 is 06 May 2019.

SSC Result Publish Date Calculation:

How to Calculate Result Publish Date for SSC Exam? Education Board always processes SSC Result within 90 Days from Exam Start Date. Another Calculation is they process Result within 60 Days from completing the Result. This Year, SSC Exam has Started on the February First Week. So, the 90 Days will complete on the May First Week. On the Similar way, SSC Exam has finished on March First Week. So, the 60 Days will complete on May First Week.

Both of these calculations provide the same Result. According to this calculation, we can make a decision that The SSC Result 2019 Publish Date is May First Week. Result Publish Date official update will announce by press, media, TV, Online newspaper, Education Blog, Website and all other Methods. You will get the confirm date of Result on some Authority Site like this.

There is a Ten Education Board available in Bangladesh who publishes SSC and Equivalent Exam Result. Eight General Education Board, a Madrasah Education Board, and a Technical Education Board will publish the Result. All Boards need to complete their own Board Result and they finally submit Result Sheet to Education Board Computer Center. Computer Center Publish the Result Just time. Because of this Reason, Ministry of Education Contact All Board and finally, decide to select a date for the Result. Some Education Boards have too many candidates and some have lower. It may take some more time to complete the Result Sheet.

SSC Result 2019 Publish Time:

Do you know the official Time of SSC Result 2019? The Authority will Publish SSC Result 2019 Different time on Different method. You may know that too many websites publish SSC Result. Education Board Bangladesh official Website, Web Based Result Publication System for Education Board, and Entire Board Official Website publishes the Result. These are all Online Methods.

Android Apps also publish Result Online. It is directly linked from the Education Board Bangladesh Official Result Archive. Teletalk Bangladesh Limited has also added Mobile SMS System. It is the only alternative and offline process which can follow for checking the Result. So, know Every Methods Result Publish time from this Post. will publish SSC Result 2019 at 01:30 PM. So, anyone will get their Result by visiting the Website. Another Official Website will publish the SSC Result at 02:00 PM. Mobile SMS and Android App will publish the Result at the same time.

Important to Know the SSC Result 2019 Publish Time:

Now, it is another query about the time of SSC Result. Many people know the Date of Result but don’t know the exact time. It is the most important thongs and also plays an important role in the Date. During the Result Date, Many people try to check their result early while the Result didn’t publish. They spend their valuable time on different Website and Blog, also including the Official Website of Bangladesh Education Board Result. But, it is unnecessary for them.

If they know the exact time of Result, they can try to check their Result just time and we hope they will get their SSC Result 2019 Instantly. Here, another opportunity is available to know the exact time of Result. Anyone can Visit the Official Result Archive to see the Result Publish time. If you visit on the Result date, you will find a message in Red color. The Message will confirm you the Result Publish time.

Another Official Website is available where you can also know the Result Publish time. So, visit on the Result date or a day ago of Result Date to see the SSC Result Publish time. Please be noted that, the time of Publishing SSC Result 2019 May different from one server to another. So, you will get another idea by visiting both Servers. On the Result time, Visit the Server which publishes the Result early.


In the Final Word, We hope you have understood the SSC Result Date & Time 2019. It’s time to check your Result quickly. We have Specific content of every method of Result. You will get details information from these posts. Just follow the details instruction and quick tips to get your Result early from others. If you need any other information or have any question, kindly make a comment on the below box. Our support teams will response you very soon.

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