GBWhatsapp Features & Advantages

GBWhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp application features and advantages that allows you can use for interacting with the stored contacts. However, you cannot find the new functions in the official app. Here are the features that you can get advantages to find & use in GBWhatsApp.

GBWhatsapp Features & Advantages

  • Freeze Last Seen – The frozen last seen is not hidden from the person who views your WhatsApp account advantages.
  • Hide View Status – When this feature will not notify you about the person who saw your status.
  • Does not show the blue tick Even if the person sees your message, the blue tick will not be shown.
  • Conceals second tick – Second tick won’t be visible after reading the message.
  • Hides the blue microphone – It is similar to a blue tick. The only difference is the audio message. There won’t be a blue microphone indication on playing the sender’s message.
  • No typing indication – Typing is hidden from others.
  • Hides the recording – Recording indication is invisible for others in their WhatsApp application features.
  • Always keeps you online – Even if you are offline, people can see you.
  • Internet is paused only for WhatsApp – The other phone apps would still have the internet even if it is stopped for WhatsApp.
  • Allows Offline Backup – Unlike the WhatsApp application, you can take the backup in GBWhatsApp in offline mode features.
  • Password Protected – Gives you an option to protect the chats & messages.
  • Other features – There are a lot more features in GBWhatsApp. It becomes a huge essay if we mention all of them. It includes characteristics like
    • Auto-reply
    • Better privacy
    • And more.

How do we download & install GBWhatsApp?

The GBWhatsApp Android APK feature and advantages provide you with more features than the official app. However, these added features are not available in the play store. Here are the steps to download the application.

  • Open Device Settings and choose Security => Enable Unknown Sources. This allows you to install applications from other sources besides Play Store
  • Uninstall the official WhatsApp from your phone
  • Start downloading the GBWhatsApp and take advantage.
  • You can use your mobile number to login to GBWhatsApp
  • Enter the One-time password (OTP) in the application. You get the message through SMS.

This completes the GBWhatsApp installation.

How to renew your GBWhatsApp to the latest version?

  1. When there are Create the backup of all the messages – Press the icon that shows 3 vertical dots in the top right corner of Chats. Select Settings. Go to Chats. You will find the Chat Backup option. Press that button to create the conversation backup to ensure that you don’t lose them at any cost.
  2. Download the latest version – You will find the Green Download Button at the bottom of the GBWhatsApp datasheet. Press that button to get the latest version.
  3. Run the APK file to run the installation process after the download.
  4. When you update the application, the operating system will take the confirmation from you to install the new version. On hitting the accept button, the installation begins.
  5. Once the updates are installed, re-register your phone number. The application will restore all the previous conversations.

Harm of GBWhatsApp

  • Disadvantages In other words Possibility of our account getting blacklisted.
  • No automatic updates.
  • Need access to the internet will send & receive free messages.
  • Messages are not sent to the phone inbox.
  • Advantages are Supports only the users who have smartphones.


When there are new updates, it is advantages always a privilege to use the new features. For instance, GBWhatsApp ensures safe conversations. You have all the access to try different features. We hope that the new version allows above the iPhone users as well.