SSC Result 2020 Barisal Board

SSC Result 2020 Barisal Board With Full Marksheet

SSC Result 2020 Barisal Board – It’s not us. It’s the SSC Result which is knocking at your door. Though the actual SSC result publishing date was 7th May. But we all know that the Novel Coronavirus just messed up everything. Now we got a new date. The result of SSC Result 2020 will be published on 31 May 2020. So dear students of Barisal, don’t you think you should also know the process of collecting SSC Result 2020? Okay, we understand your needs, that are why we are sharing every single detail of the process of collecting the result of SSC.

SSC Result 2020 Barisal Board

Before going for the process, we would like to share some data with you. From Barisal Education Board, this year 1, 25,936 students participated in the exam from 1174 institutions! Isn’t that huge? Okay, we know your eagerness, so here we start!

You can collect the result from two different ways. The very first one is online and the second one is through SMS.

SSC Result 2020 Barisal Board By Online

At the very beginning, you have to go to the official website of the Education Board and that is Then you will get a page. Here the actual work starts. Now you have to fill up a form. At the very top of the form, you will see a box for the examination type. As you are an SSC candidate, select the SSC option.

Then you will see a box for the exam year. As you gave this exam in 2020, so select 2020.

Right after that, you have to select the education board of yours. You are from Barisal, right? So select Barisal here.  Now the most important thing needs to be selected. Yes, we are talking about the Roll number of yours. Please type each of the numbers with enough concentration. I hope you know, a mistake of a single digit can create a lot of misunderstanding. So don’t do any mistakes here.

After typing the Roll number, you will see a box named Reg: No. Just like the Roll number, the registration number is also very important. This thing also deserves enough seriousness.  Then you will see an equation. Just type the result of it.

Finally, click on the submit option. Your result will be in front of your screen.

ssc result 2020

SSC Result 2020 Barisal Education Board By SMS

This process is much simple. You don’t need a smartphone for it. All you need to do is just send an SMS. In return, you will get the result of yours. So here is the process-

At first type ‘SSC.

Give a space, then type ‘BAR’.

Right after that, give your roll number. Suppose your roll number is 3337926. SO type it.

Give another space and type the year and that is 2020.

Finally, send it to 16222.

That’s it. Once you will send it, you will get your result within a very short period.

We hope, a very good result is waiting for all of you. Most importantly, keep the situation in mind and try to stay at home as much as possible.