PUBG Mobile to Enable BC and UC Exchange

PUBG Mobile has earned a great fame among this huge Indian population. To keep players intrigued, the New Zombie is introduced. It appears as though Tencent is ready to declare something that gives a steady refresh.
According to the YouTuber Mr.Ghost Gaming, the new challenge is live on battle royale that empowers clients to win Battle Coins (BC), which can be traded for Unknown Cash (UC), uncommon outfits, and UC packs.
According to the report, this will be available challenge. A bonus card or voucher is required for enrolment and everybody will get one voucher free of cost. Enlisting for the new option, will be browsed on three levels accordingly. 1 Battle Coin is proportionate to on point.
Furthermore, players will be isolated relying upon the most elevated level they can reach and Matches will be reported at a specific planning. The individuals who miss the match won’t get the opportunity to participate. A player’s score and BP will rely upon their last position throughout, and in case if they cheat they will be disqualified.

As referenced before, one will almost certainly reclaim UC, uncommon outfits, firearm skins and UC packs by gaining BP. According to the video, to do such, one should tap on the Reedem Rewards in the India’s Bonus Challenge page. They will at that point be diverted to the online PUBG Shop where they can trade BP for different things. But, there is a recovery limit on things like one can benefit 100 UC packs multiple times, while the 300 and 500 UC packs must be also be profited. Most outfits and skins can be recovered just once. One can likewise recover a reward voucher on the off chance if they have enough coins and use it to enlist for a higher level to win more focuses.

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