Nokia P1 Android Phone Review Full Specifications And Price in Bangladesh And Singapore

Nokia P1 Android Phone Review

Ever since Nokia entered the cellphone market after they released their first Mobira senator car phone in 1982, it has always be at the forefront in the production of pioneering cellphones that offer simplified elegance and superior durability. This Finland based cellphone manufacturer is widely known for manufacturing award-winning Smartphones like Nokia 3310. Last year, they are announced that they will be releasing space-age flagship Nokia Android phone sometime this year. They are yet to release most of the vital information regarding the design, specs, release date and pricing of their new product though. However, in look of the concept render video they released late last year, we see a high-end android phone that is going to not only sell profusely but also give Nokia’s die-hard customers a reason to smile again.


Nokia P1 Android Phone Review Full Specifications And Price in Bangladesh And Singapore

Nokia P1 Design


In the concept extract video, Nokia P1 is portrayed as a high-end android phone that includes a metal framing and exclusive body design. On its right edge rests power and volume buttons while on its left edge rests hybrid dual-SIM slot. The speaker grille, USB Type-C port and 3.5mm audio jack are comfortably placed in phone’s bottom edge. As for the Home Button, it’s located just below the display and perfectly above the phone’s fingerprint scanner. The phone is expected to come in black, rose gold and silver color preferences.


Nokia P1 Specifications


Nokia has revealed Android 7.0 Nougat Out-of-the-box as their preferred Android OS preference for their upcoming Nokia P1. They have also confirmed that the phone will use latest 2.3Ghz Quadcore CPU, Snapdragon 835 SoC processor and 6 GB RAM. The smartphone comes with 5.3-inch display which is coupled with Gorilla Glass 5 and QHD screen resolution. As for the camera, it will have Zeiss-certified 22.6-megapixel sensor. It is rumored that this smartphone will include IP57-certification for water and dust resistance. Its battery will be 4000 mAh and high-end support for quick and smooth charging. It will come in two storage options which are 128 GB and 256 GB. Other common features include HSPA 3G capabilities, finger print reader, GSM 2G capabilities, both rear and front cameras and 4G TDD-Lite capabilities.


Nokia P1 Release Date And Price


Information about the release date for Nokia P1 is yet unavailable. However, HMD Global is likely to provide full details about the specs and release date of the phone during a press conference which will be held at MWC on the 26th of this month. Rumors have it that this smartphone will be available in two different storage variants which will determine their pricing. The 128 GB storage variant is rumored to sell at 800 dollars while the 256GB variant is expected to sell at 950 details.


The largest percentage of the information available online about the specs, design, pricing and release date of Nokia P1 is merely based on speculations and rumors. While it’s true this highly anticipated smartphone will include some of the features mentioned above, we can’t guarantee that everything mentioned is true. Therefore, as you wait for the release of the phone, you should also be ready to accept all the new changes if at all there will be any.


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