Guide To Free Car Insurance Policy In Singapore

Free Car Insurance Policy In Singapore

Car insurance coverage can appear very confusing but once you understand what different types there are it should not be too hard. On top to the primary coverage, there are also other types you can add on to your policy, such as liability, medical coverage, bodily injury, collision coverage, property or rental coverage, just to name a few. And there are a few basics to free car insurance policy in Singapore in general that you should know about, of which will be discussed here.


If your vehicle collides with another vehicle, rolls over, or otherwise suffers damage from impact with an object, then your auto collision insurance coverage takes effect.

Personal Injury Protection

For personal injury protection you really need to take some time and give your own individual situation some careful thought, so that you can consider the overall impact that an accident involving injury could result in having on you and your loved ones. Although it may be unpleasant, but by doing this you will be able to make sure that you are properly protected.

Property Damage Liability

This part of a car insurance policy comes into play if and when your vehicle is involved in causing damage to someone else’s property, and it will generally take care of the repair and replacement costs of everything. Not only that, however as well this property damage liability coverage also covers any damage that was caused to buildings, poles, fences, and so on.


There is also the comprehensive coverage that can be included in car insurance policies, and this covers such things as earthquakes, falling objects, fire, and damage caused by animals for instance. This type of coverage as well comes with a deductible, and this deductible can normally be increased in order to lower your premium, and even to satisfy the terms of a car loan. Comprehensive car insurance coverage plans generally benefits towards car rentals, vehicle repairs and even vehicle replacement up to a certain amount of money, depending on the type of coverage you choose and the amount your premium is per month.

Liability Car Insurance Coverage

This type of car insurance coverage is not available for vehicles where money is still owed on it to a dealer or bank. The reason for this is for the reason that liability coverage does not cover your own vehicle in case of an accident. The bright side to this is that if you own a vehicle outright and it’s not worth a lot of money, you can acquire this type of coverage for a lot less money compared to comprehensive coverage. If you’re uncertain of the amount your vehicle is worth when trying to choose which kind of coverage is best for you, make your decision using the Kelly blue book pricing for your vehicle.

Car insurance policy is generally of two types:

* Third party liability cover: It’s aligned with all legal responsibility resulting from any type of car accidents. It consists of assets damage to third-party, injury or even death. But it does not comprise of any return against damaging of vehicles. This cover is compulsory in many countries as well in India. It contains personal accident benefit for the owner and other drivers along with legal protection for death or any type of injury from third-party.

* Comprehensive cover package policy: It offers protection to both, the vehicle and owner and provides cover on both situations, damage by natural factors or by manmade faults. It includes defense against exterior damage by accidents, torrent, volcanic activity, blast, fire, robbery otherwise riots and strikes. However insurance may vary from company to company.

Things you should follow to get benefited:

1. Note that every insurance policy will never be able to provide you a package that is best matched to the needs and desires yours or any other client.

3. Insurance is mainly depended on precise value of your car.

4. Insurance will vary on the number of drivers of the car.

5. You can lower your overall premium, by having better driving record and not having any kind of bonus claims.

Insurance is a necessity for every motor vehicle before using it on roads. A point must be remembered by customers, that car insurance plans do not consist of a car’s electrical or mechanical failure or in case of drink and drive or if the car is driven outside geological area. Thus it is profitable in every respect as it ensures your protection and security to the car.


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