OLD Apple MacBook Pro With Retina Display Features And Benefits !

If you want to create documents and work on multimedia projects while you are on the go then you can simply get a high-speed laptop and bring it with you. However, laptops with the high level of performance do not usually last for long. Aside from low battery reserves, these computers are not sturdy enough to withstand most traveling conditions. Now, there is no need to give up. You can always get a 13.3 Inch Apple Macbook Pro.

Introducing Apple MacBook Pro 
It is an Apple laptop that has originally been released in June 2012. Its main selling point is that it can maintain high performance on low power consumption. This means that you can do your stuff without running out of power immediately. The unit lets you enjoy things such as high-end graphics and fast data processing.

High-End Graphics
Don’t you wish that you could get a higher graphics resolution in a small package? Well, Apple Macbook Pro makes that possible. With this laptop computer, you can enjoy visually appealing graphics without the need to bring a bulky unit. It features an Intel HD Graphics for top quality graphics performance.

Wireless Web Surfing Up to 7 Hours
It is not a surprise to for a laptop to run out of power after surfing wirelessly for 2 to 3 hours. This can be quite can inconvenience especially when doing important business stuff over the Internet. Fortunately, Apple Macbook Pro’s battery allows you to surf through wireless networks up to 7 hours. This way, you can have longer surfing time that not only gives you enough time to do important tasks but also more time for online entertainment such as streaming videos and online games.

Faster USB Connection
When on the go, fast USB connection can serve you. The laptop features Thunderbolt 2 ports that let you transfer files through a USB connection at a faster rate. They are no ordinary ports; they can transfer data up to 4 times faster than an ordinary USB port. Transferring files to and from your USB drives will be easier and less time-consuming.

Detailed Screen Display

You can enjoy videos and images on a widescreen display with Macbook Pro’s screen. It features over one million pixels as well as high contrast and clear colors so you can view realistic still and moving images.

Less Power Consumption
With its LED screen display and smaller parts, Apple Macbook Pro needs a small amount of power to run at it maximum performance. You can be sure that you can have enough power during times when a power outlet is not available.

Fast Processor

A fast processor is necessary for a computer to process data and display graphics. That won’t be a problem with Apple Macbook Pro. It houses a Dual-core Intel Core i5 Processor, a model that surpasses other processors available in the market today.

Apple Macbook Pro Specification : 
– 13.3-inch display.
– Dual-core Intel Core i5 Processor.
– Intel HD Graphics 400.
– 500GB hard drive.
– 7-hour wireless Surfing Battery Capacity.

Product Price : 
It is currently offered for 2,188.00 SGD in Singapore, 7,599.00 RM in Malaysia, and 3,998 SAR in Saudi Arabia.

If you are looking for the best portable computer solution then Apple Macbook Pro is your answer. You get to use a laptop that not only displays high-end graphics and transfers data at high speed but also consumes less power. Start experiencing its benefits by getting it now.


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