Logitech Spotlight Wireless Presentation Remote Features And Price In Singapore

The Logitech Spotlight is thenewest presentation tool by Logitech. It is not only appealing to the eye with its minimalist design, but is also amazingly functional and easy to use. All you need to do connect it to your computer via Bluetooth Smart wireless or the included USB receiver, install the Logitech Presentation application, and you can start making your presentations more interesting and more efficient. It’s that easy!


logitech spotlight wireless presentation remote Technical Specifications



Logitech Spotlight Wireless Presentation Remote System Requirements


You will never have to break your presentation flow again by going near laptop to scroll through your document, open links, play videos, or control volume. You can do all that by wielding your new wireless remote and using your on-screen cursor. Spotlight will allow you to easily navigate slides and interact with content on your screen from up to a 100 feet away. With Spotlight, you will be able to either highlight or magnify particular content just by clicking one button. You will also be able to track time of your presentation, as well as to set vibration alerts. It will make it possible for you to navigate slides without having to look down on your remote, as it is designed to be intuitive and aid the flow of your presentations. In addition, the motion-detecting function makes this remote much more flexible than other remote controllers available on the market. Since it looks styles and feels more practical than the alternative products, you should definitely consider buying it if giving presentations is what you often do.


The Logitech Spotlight Wireless Presentation Remote is a fully rechargeable remote which will last up to 3 hours after you have charged it for only a minute. It is compatible with most devices and optimized to work with both Mac Os and Windows. As for presentation software, this remote will work with PDF, Prezi, PowerPoint, Keynote and Google Slides. You can choose between two eye-catching colors – gold and slate, and get this remote for a price of SGD 169.00.


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