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Check SSC Result 2019 Dhaka and Comilla Education Board !

SSC Result 2019 Dhaka and Comilla Education Board Bangladesh If you have participated in the 2019 SSC exam and would like to review the results, the process could not be more straightforward. There are two ways in which you can view your exam results. One of them is to go connected on the authorized website of the “Dhaka Board” and tail a few easy steps before received at the page with the results. The second one, which is just as simple, is to send an SMS, structured primarily, to a provided number using a few pieces of identification. These two methods will be presented in detail in the following lines.

How to View Your 2019 SSC Dhaka Board Exam Results Online?

To get your SSC Result 2019 online, all you have to do is follow a straightforward, step-by-step process. First, you need to go to the Bangladesh educational website where you will find a web page with six fields which require being completed. In the first track, titled examination, you need to select the SSC/Alim or an equivalent SSC exam from the drop-down box. In the next!

two areas, you have to choose the year in which you took the review and the board. The choices should be 2019 and DIBS(Dhaka). Then you must insert your roll and registration numbers in the right place. As a final point, you have to answer a security question, w same information specified above which is usually a simple mathematical task, to verify that you are human and you are ready to view your SSC exam results.

How to Receive Your 2019 SSC Dhaka Board Exam Results in an SMS

If you choose to receive your SSC Result 2019 by SMS all that is required of you is to send a specially structured SMS, regardless of your mobile operator, to the following number: 16222. The message wants to contain the same info input above (examination, year, board, etc.) written in the following manner: SSC. An example of how this should look is the following message: SSC DHA 123456 2019. After sending a similar SMS, you will receive your exam results on your phone. Please ponder the point that you will be charged 2.50+ Taka for every SMS you send.

SSC Result 2019 Comilla Board

For the convenience of its students, the Bangladesh education board has launched various avenues to look up the exam results. The primary resources to access all information regarding the exam, including, release dates and access to the results among others, for the SSC Result 2019 Comilla Board results are SMS and online.

How To Check SSC Result 2019 Comilla Board By Online

For the students who have access to the internet, via computers, tablet or phones, two natural methods are devised to access the results from multiple devices. The first option is directly going to SSC Result 2019 website to look up Comilla Board results. The website address is The second option is to log in through the Bangladesh education board website at Once admitted, three steps are involved, choosing the examination name, the year and finally the board. After the three phases are processed, three numbers, i.e. your examination roll number, registration number and finally the captcha code will be asked for. Please ensure that all the names requested are input correctly. After submitting the above information, you will have access to the SSC Result 2019 Comilla Board.

How To Check SSC Result 2019 Comilla Board By Mobile SMS

The alternate method to get the results for the SSC exam is via SMS. This is possibly the easiest way to get the exam results right in the palm of your hand. Before beginning, please ensure a sufficient balance or at least have a surplus of 2.50 taka. Open a new message on your mobile, and write the word in the following order; Exam name followed by First three letters of the education board name followed by the six-digit roll number and finally the exam year you are seeking results for. So, for the SSC Result 2019 Comilla Board, the final SMS would look like this, SSC COM 000000 2019. Please be careful and input a space between every piece of information, as shown. The message is now ready to be sent to 16222, the official number for Bangladesh Education Board. After a few minutes, the exam result will be delivered to your mobile phone via SMS.


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