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Rotten Tomatoes Took Serious Measures to Shut Down Trolls Targeted Against Female Led Blockbusters

Rotten Tomatoes, an online movie review aggregation service has taken some serious measures to shut down the trolls that were made against the female-led movies on this Monday. This whole issue started out with the latest Marvel movie “Captain Marvel”. The lead of Captain Marvel is a female and this led to heavy trolling of the movie.

The users usually provide their interest to watch a particular movie or not on Rotten Tomatoes. This happens before the movie hits the screen just to know how much anticipation the movie got around it.  Every movie will be provided with the rating but it was backfired when people the percentage of people who are interested in watching the movie was very less. The sexist trolls have taken the toll and took the internet by storm.

The Captain Marvel movie which is about to hit the screens next week was criticized badly and in order to control the damage, the website has altered “want to watch” section and promised that they will open the critics once the movie opens to the audience.

The Captain Marvel movie is one of the most anticipated movies from MCU and all the promotional videos made a great impact on the audience too. But some people started making racists comments against the movie and even started giving a fake rating on Rotten Tomatoes and this is the reason the company took some severe measures to shut down these trolls.

A spokeswoman from Rotten Tomatoes has stated that they have been planning to make the changes in this user rating since a year and they did it now. She stated that the timing was very appropriate. The lead actress has also spoken up about the racists and sexists from time to time in the movie promotional events.

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