Nokia 6 New android smartphone 2017 Full specifications price and review

Nokia 6 New Android Smartphone


What’s new in this Nokia android Smartphone? 

Nokia Mobile Company finlay release a android Smartphone Nokia 6 .The fans of the Nokia have a chance now to ignite their joyous memory of the late years when the giant was roaming the technology world when the Nokia was untouchables.

The brand used to be one of the biggest brands, but with the advent of the android and iPhone, it fell back.

The Nokia has come back roaring with its latest brand of Nokia 6.It all started when the management of the Finnish company agreed to add support the renown android brand and later it reaffirmed its decision in Dec, little did we know that on January it going announce it first of the kind device.


Nokia 6 Android

Our one and most trusted brand, Nokia is on its top of the smartphones world market and unlike other smartphone making manufacturers brands that are even more predictable, the Nokia seem to have decided on a fresh start before it started the race again.

Initially there were enormous rumor and even of their fans speculation of the very first launch of the among the family brand of the Nokia android smartphones known the nokia 6, But that was not late as but we now got the full confirmation of what it entails of the device.

Without much of a gaudy outward display, the Nokia 6, which was hopefully expected was unveiled exclusively on china market, the sale is expected to commence in few week time. This was the company’s post which was seen on its Facebook page. The company also could not hide its excitement when it posted about the launching of the Nokia android device on Asia market starting with the china market, it further promised the lover of the brand to expect more to follow and especially during the February 26th by urging, it’s fun to bookmark the date.

Here we have the breakdown of how the events unfolded and even running to confirm to the customer the specs of this first android device from the Nokia, the Nokia6.

At first, two families of the Nokia new android phones were rumored, that is what has launched the Nokia 6, which was a mid-range brand also known as D1C, and which was actually launched in the china.

The device is expected to offer more goods as well as bad news, for the good news is that the device will be having the latest technology which includes the android version 7.0.

Still on the announcement of the emergency of the brand, let’s look into the other great days as said .on the February 26 this is a Mobile World Congress day which usually in Barcelona and that the day people expect HMD Global who are the Nokia Brands custodians, to launch or unveil all of its Android phones to further marketplaces and thus .

Nokia 6 android

Superior Nokia 6 body specs


This specially designed device has a lot that is amazing .for the outline the devices has an anodized, aluminum body which is 154 by 75.8 by 7.85 mm (154×75.8×7.85) with additional of 8.4 mm of the camera bump.

Nokia 6  Display Size

The 5.5-inch Full High Definition of 1080 x1920 pixels (2.5D of a curved display) which are of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 cover for the screen protection.

The biggest of all thing that was outlined by the HMD Global when it was unveiling of the first new brand of Nokia that is the Nokia 6, the HMD Global carried their day about the brand and even they described more. The company outlined to the public on how long it took to make the device that is to make the Nokia 6 which is made from various small parts, and then how it is coated with a protective layer (anodized) twice and to add more to the beauty it is polished about five times. This form of making devices is very common to many as it has been provided by companies such as the Apple INC and the HTC on their devices.

There is edged curves of the Nokia 6, give this device a nice soft that characterize it and make the device display bigger. Of the additional features is the amazing fingerprint scanner that is centrally placed just beneath the display, also there are modern power and volumes buttons. All flanked at the back.

The antenna lines all which stick at the Nokia 6 phones end, this feature is similar to the iPhone 7.We cannot forget to say the there is a 3.5mm jack, the only limitation on the modernity is that of the type of the USB which they opted instead of the modern type.

One of the fascinating subtle elements is the radio wire lines which adhere to the closures of the telephone particularly like the iPhone 7. There’s a 3.5mm earphone attachment, however this handset utilized Micro-USB as opposed to the up to date USB Type-C.

The amplified dual speakers on this phone are much of interest this creates the amazing sound technology Dolby Atmos effect.

Nokia 6 Hardware specs

This android device is characterized by amazing hardware specifications they include its powerful processor of the type Snapdragon which is a powerful processor chipset. For the primary memory, which is the workspace of the device is large enough thus you cannot expect this device to be slow The ram is about 4GB and with and extension of 64 GB file storage of which it present enough file storing area. If the file storage area is not enough for your need then you have presented with an option to add and external storage device.

We cannot end the hardware specification review without mentioning about the 5.5-inch screen display which offers a well-defined full High Definition resolution, this type of screen portrays this device as a mid-range type of device. We cannot outline more about the display unless you take the phone and stay with it, but from a far look, it’s a good deal.

Nokia 6 Battery

The battery capacity of this device seem great at about 3000AH, I cannot stand to judge it, just test it. Much of this device battery make is not provided but getting a touch will make you get to understand its durability and thus lifetime.

Nokia 6  Camera specs

The rear camera which offers more features which includes the autofocus feature, which is applicable when one is taking photos, face detection is a nice and great camera which is clocked at 16 megapixel with an aperture of F/2.0of the rear camera and with 1.0 megapixels, PDAF, technically the 1.0 is the pixel reporting rate.

The pixel reporting, when compared to other phones, can be described as small and might not be equipped to capture enough light a situation that could result in loss of picture quality but the aperture size is of help in this situation.

For the selfie lovers, the Nokia 6 has presented you with a good choice as it has an 84-degree field of view of the 8megapixel and this present us with a slightly notable high resolution and also a remarkable wide aperture.

There is a lot to consider when determining the best camera out there, but for the Nokia 6 great camera you need to get out there on a beautiful scenery and then take a shot using both of the cameras and have a chance to compare them out.

Nokia 6 Android and software version

For the Nokia 6, it is already well known to contain an android operating system, for your confirmation the device will have and Android Nougat installed as they have already confirmed, and Despite big leap from their initial Symbian operating systems back then and then it came to the Windows Phone operating system and finally, the Nokia confirmed to the member of the public that it would work and support the android and thus join the league.

One of the thing we are sure is that the Nokia 6 launched with and android 7, notably the issue of having a customized derision of the same OS is not yet revealed. This is not the end as the device’s maker have already customized some of the devices icons for its users.

The Z launcher is the most astonishing feature that may have been shipped together with the device, within this launcher it makes it easier to access your favorite’s application without having to dig deeper in the device’s menus and thus saving a lot of time, and off course no one know whether this will be the hit for this new phone.

Nokia 6 Android Smartphone Full Specification





Another name


Screen size in inches 


Date released 

Jan 2017

Touch screen


Form of input 


Screen resolution

1080 x1920 pixels

Dimensions in mm


Pixels per Inch i.e. PPI



167.00 grams

Battery in AH





Processor speed

1.8GHZ octa core

Value of the SAR



Qualcomm snapdragon




4 GB

Rear camera 






External storage 


Camera front 


External storage type 

Micro SD

Software and OS


External up to


Operating system



Os version 

Android v7.0 Nougat oS





Wi-Fi type

802.11 a/b/g/n

Dual SIM




Sim1 type


Bluetooth version


SIM 1 3G




Sim1 4G



Sim2 type




Sim2 3G




Sim2 4G/LTE


Jack type





Nokia 6 Android Phone Unboxing and Review On YouTube

Nokia 6 Android Smartphone Expectations and reviews


Specifically, the new android device, the Nokia, is expected to accomplish and meet the user expectation, this has seem to be already a practical some of the promised features are indeed a success and a lovely to the users and customers, this could a step on the right path the Nokia 6.

It is always great to have an overview of the first-hand customer satisfaction reviews, of the Noki6.

One of the astonishing customers is quoted saying that, finally a non-Chinese genius has actually come back after long period of getting lost. The customer comment which appeared on the Date 11 Jan 2017 could not hide his joy after learning the comeback.

The customer furthermore expresses how he had been waiting but eh Chinese companies seem to be the one that is arising up to the external market.

Nokia 6 Android Smartphone Price

After out deep analyses it is worth to note that, they still need to have a big impact at first, referred to as to making a big bang, so that even the other countries apart from the china may get the first time touch and at the same time the Nokia brand making extra market and thus income her the devices was first launched.

The year 2017 present with an opportunity for the Nokia Company to have its brand to be known as during the first few month and to expect the February where the Mobile World Congress will have its meeting and this presentation also gives a chance for the device to unveil the other of the Nokia brand. Which is the name, onto which the HMD will be there for this purpose?

Nokia 6 Android Smartphone Price in India : 16538.70 (+/-) Indian Rupee 

Nokia 6 Android Smartphone Price in Bangladesh : 19,190 (+/-)  Bangladeshi Taka

Nokia 6 Android Smartphone Price in USA : 242.61 (+/-)  US Dollar

Nokia 6 Android Smartphone Price in China : Rs. 16,750 Chinese Yuan equals

Nokia 6 Android Smartphone Price in Malaysia : 1083.19 (+/-) Malaysian Ringgit

Nokia 6 Android Smartphone Price in Dubai : 8916.60 (+/-) United Arab Emirates Dirham

Nokia 6 Android Smartphone Price in Pakistan : 25453.56 (+/-)  Pakistani Rupee


Finally, it is important to note that the Nokia made a big come back after years of hibernation. With it had a great deal which included the first android phone which was running on the android 7.The classic brand was in a family of two but the other was to be received at a later date.

On January 19 the, the retail partner of the Nokia new brand in the China market will kick off the process of getting the buyers of the Nokia6, which is priced at a price that can be afforded. The available color will be black.

The new brand of the device, the Nokia 6 has great specs that make it a mid-range market phone that is suitable for Asia market.

This device has an amazing screen resolution, a great memory to both work and to hold your file and still a more of storage that can be added via an external storage.

The devices had some elegant features that one cannot miss to buy one at the specified market, at only few hundred dollars the fans of the Nokia brand can have the reason to support their brand and make it shine again.

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