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How To Get Easy JSC Result 2018 With Marksheet

How To Get Easy  JSC Result 2018 With Marksheet


Accessing junior school Certificate results (JSC result 2018) in Bangladesh is now easy and fast. The government and the education boards have embraced the technology making it easy for the results to be accessed online or through SMS. To get accurate results without any hustle, it is important to note some crucial information about the responsible board for your exam.


JSC Result 2018 Education Boards Short Code URL :

1. Dhaka Education Board DHA www.dhakaeducationboard.gov.bd
2. Comilla Education Board COM www.comillaboard.gov.bd
3. Rajshahi Education Board RAJ www.rajshahieducationboard.gov.bd
4. Jessore Education Board JES www.jessoreboard.gov.bd
5. Chittagong Education Board CHI www.Chittagongeducationboard.gov.bd.
6. Dinajpur Education Board DIN www.dinajpureducationboard.gov.bd
7. Sylhet Education Board SYL www.sylhetboard.gov.bd
8. Madrasah Education Board MAD www.educationboard.gov.bd/madrasah


Accessing JSC Results 2018 Online

Junior school certificate results can be accessed online through various platforms. These platforms include the Education boards websites, Bangladesh education board result site and also through the alternative Bangladesh education website.

Checking results through the education board one needs to be aware of the specific board that handles the results. To get legitimate results, one has to follow a given procedure. First, open the web browser and copy paste the URL of your board. When the official website is open, click on JSC then select the year 2018 and also the board name. After entering the board name, key in the roll number and the capture code, finally click on submit button. When you submit the search details, the browser searches for matching information throughout the results databases. If there is any matching information, a new page loads to display the results. If the search does not match any results, the system alerts the user that there was no match.

One can access the Bangladesh education results site through the URL www.educationboardsresults.gov.bd. They both involve the following of a procedure as well to attain the correct results. Once on any of these websites, click on the results tab. When open it prompts you to enter candidates information. Fill in all the required data and click on submit button to get the results.

The Educational Institute Identification Number (EIIN) is also applicable in retrieving JSC results 2019. EIIN is a unique code given to different institutions. This number can only be used by authorized parties to gain access to full results of an institution. These authorized persons include the head of the institution, Upazilla Nirbahi Officer (UNO) or Deputy Commission (DC).

When accessing results through an SMS, first type JSC followed by space, then type the first letters of the board followed by another space, type the roll number followed by 2018 and send it to 1622. An illustration of the procedure would be JSC<space> DHA <space> 906985 <space> 2019 then send to 16222.
Conditions regulating the SMS portal
1. Check whether your operator is accepting to send inquiry SMS for JSC result2018.
2. Only one roll number is allowed to check results per SMS.
3. Sending of messages should take place after 2:00 PM.
4. Each SMS cost BDT 2.00.
5. All the activities on the number 16222 are controlled and monitored by Teletalk Education portal.
6. Value Added Tax (VAT) of 15% is charged on all messages.

The JSC results 2018, will be published on 29 th December. The results will be calculated using the Grade Point Average (GPA) which was developed by Education Board Bangladesh which operates under the Education Board. Grading will be done using alphabets A to F whereby A will be the highest grade while F will be the lowest.

One thing that is common after the release of the results is the eagerness to know how a student performed in JSL exams. Through the online and SMS system, candidates and parents can access results with ease. Online and SMS system pose many advantages that include convenience since one can check results from anywhere as long as they have a cellular phone and access to the internet. They are fast and saves time since generation of results occurs within a click of a button. These systems produce results that are accurate and reliable because they only display results that match the search details. The also save a lot of money since SMS and internet access cost are much cheaper compared to transport fee or fuel cost. The results are also printable into hard copy that is essential for future reference. It is thus clear beyond reasonable doubt that these systems will bring profound impact to users due to their efficiency.


JSC Result 2018 – Video Tutorial



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