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JSC Result 2016 With Full Marksheet

How to get JSC result 2016 on online and SMS. also Get JSC  Result 2016 With mark sheet.The four walls of a classroom are the pillars of our modern day civilization. Education is the best way to fumigate the mind of our young ones against the vermin of crime and radicalization currently threatening our society today. The reality is the bigger the classrooms, the smaller the prison cells as round education are intellectual immunization against crime. Good, now in formal education, the examination is the test of knowledge. Hence in Bangladesh, we have the Junior School Certificate (JSC).


jsc result 2016

The JSC is a public examination conducted in Bangladesh by every of the education boards recognized officially by the education infrastructure in Bangladesh. The JSC result serves as the state-adopted benchmark education qualification. Students who have successful JSC Results in Bangladesh now assume the status of 8th class pass students. With a successful JSC result, the student can proceed to acquiring his Secondary School Certificate; the official acronym for this is SSC.

jsc result 2016

Well at the start, it was not really mandatory to sit for the JSC. Basically in Bangladesh, we had the formal introduction of the JSC exams in 2010. From the way it was designed, it was to serve as a direct replacement of the junior scholarship exams. The duration for the JSC exams terminates by the 18th of November. This was a well thought examination platform given that the JSC examinations gives equal opportunities to students from rural Bangladesh to participate with no discrimination even against destitute students.



From these arrangement constructed by senior officials of the Bangladesh educational sector, the Junior School Certificate (JSC) for the year 2016 started last month in November. This academic structure is generally adopted by all the Bangladesh Education Boards. Now talking about the Education Boards in Bangladesh, we have a total number of nine boards which shoulder the responsibility of carrying out this JSC examination.



Counting the boards we have: Chittagong Board, Comilla Board, Dhaka Board, Madrasah Board, Dinajpur Board, Jessore Board, Technical (Dhaka) DIBD Board, Rajshahi Board and the Sylhet Board.


For this year the JSC exam result 2016 will be published on Bangladesh educational websites. These websites cut across websites like educationboardresults.gov.bd. You can access this website for vital data and general information pertaining to the JSC exam result 2016 as well as details pertaining to educational notes. A wholesome number of students participated this year and are largely looking forward to the JSC exam result 2016. Well they can follow up this website to stay updated with surfacing information so they could regularly refresh how much they know of the JSC exam result 2016.



Announcements coming from the Bangladeshi Minister of Education have confirmed that a mammoth number of students actually partook in the JSC 2016 examination. This large number of students that participated in the JSC 2016 examination was harvested from educational boards like the General Education Board, the Madrasha Board as well as the Board of Technical Education. There is a number under the umbrella of the eight standards that took a part in the JSC 2016 examinations. There is an edge of governmental mercy to this as students who were not successful in completing the curriculum is still allows to procure participation in the JSC 2016 examination to pass for this year.


There is a lovely shift this year pertaining the JSC exam result 2016. Students who have taken part in these exams this year will not have to endure the anxious penury of waiting 60 days to know where they stand as regards the success of the exams they wrote. That is they are presented with the JSC exam result 2016 BD well less than the conventional 60 days. This delicious development is boiled from the progress in that the retouched result of that very exam will be published by the Education Board of Bangladesh in a span of 30 days to date it officially closes!


Students will now be saved many liters of sweat as it is now much more convenient getting their JSC exam result 2016. For this year there was a big delicious leap in the procedures of students reaching their JSC exam result 2016 as this time, students can get their JSC exam result 2016 via text message. Extensively, students have the option of checking out the posted results on www.educationboardresults.gov.bd. Apart from the results proper, this site is a nice destination for getting updated with any information in the vein of the JSC exam result 2016.


jsc result 2016

Drawing from the structures being installed by the senior Bangladeshi education officials, we could be expecting the JSC exam result 2016 possibly by the end of this year. Last month, we saw the conduction of the JDC (Junior Dakhil Certificate) as well as the JSC exam 2016. This was precisely carried out within the interval of 2nd to 18th of last month.


Now the prime attention of the students who participated in the exams is turned to the result. Of course every student wants to know how tasty the soup his pen cooked in the JSC exam was: the JSC exam result 2016. Mr. Nurul Islam Nahid, who occupies the position of the Bangladeshi Education Minister, had made bold declarations that the results will be released this month; possibly the last week of 2016. This applies to the JSC exam result 2016 as well as the results of the JDC examination. These results will be officially revealed to the public at the same time all through the Bangladesh education boards. So we are looking at the end of this year, so students should not fear their fingers will suffer cramp as they won’t be crossing these fingers past this year in expectation of their results.



Official statistics reveal that for the year 2016, about 19, 08,365 students had taken part in this examination in about 2,250 centers throughout Bangladesh. (JDC) Junior Dakhil Certificate as well as Junior School Certificate (JSC) and students from 27,642 educational institutions were judiciously involved in the exam. An accumulated count of 896,862 boys and 1,011,503 girls. The Education Ministry also gave confirmation that for the year 2016, 47, 252 more students sought to particulate in the exam as compared to the number accrued from 2015. For the year 2015, what we had for this same statistics was a combined number of 1,861,113 candidates. This is an encouragingly healthy leap!


The ministry had divulged further statistics that a combined total of 1,553,575 candidates made an appearance in the JSC exams. This number was split across 727,493 boys and 826,082 girls. The examinations were held across 7 centers outside the sovereign shores of Bangladesh. About 106 candidates were recorded in the Jeddah center, Doha center accounted for 72, Tripoli, on the other hand, numbered just 8 while Abu Dhabi reasonably catered for 39, Riyadh was impressive at 109, and then the 2 centers in Dubai took care of 36 and 18 students. 10 students also sat down for the exams from Muscat.




SMS Method


Just as we said, candidates who sat for the JSC (as well as the JDC) will conveniently be notified of their results this year by sms in mobile message. For JSC exam result 2016, all a candidate needs to do is type JSC followed by the board of education’s first 3 letters as well as the exam roll number. Good, have you compiled the SMS? If you have correctly, then you can send this SMS to 16222.



More of something like this: JSC <leave space> DHA <leave space> Roll Number. Now send this message in this format as SMS to 16222




For candidates of the JDC, the format is almost identical: JDC <leave space> MAD <leave space> Roll Number. Now send as SMS in this format to 16222


You have the option of sending this SMS via network providers like Banglalink, Airtel, Grameen Phone,Teletalk, so as to receive your JSC exam result 2016 in the case of the Junior School Certificate exams.




Now if a student who sat for the JSC 2016 exams wish for a review to be carried out on his papers, he has the avenue of lodging his application following the publication of the JSC exam result 2016. There is also an online avenue for the student lodging such compliant by Teletalk prepaid Mobile phone



If you students who resides more in the internet, you can check your JSC exam result 2016 on www.educationbaordresults.gov.bd. This website is the official website of the Boards of Bangladesh Education; there you could fetch the results of whatever public examination conducted in Bangladesh including the JSC exam result 2016. One stain on this website is that owing to the online crowd of persons trying to access this website from their computers, the website succumbs to their weight and goes down temporarily. Now if you are the brick and mortar type that doesn’t want anything online, you can get in touch with your JSC exam result 2016, when you from your school campus, check roll number. There is also the SMS option of getting your JSC exam result 2016 we talked about emphatically.



To all candidates of the JSC 2016 exams, we wish you adorable success. For all those plates of books your eyes ate in preparation, for all those times your hands abandoned cutleries for the pen, for those hours your passion deported you from the dining table to the reading table. For all those your nocturnal diligence when you sat awake in study when humanity and the sun were sleeping in nature’s blankets (night), we wish you an enviable JSC exam result 2016!


How to check JSC Result 2016 Video Tutorial


The future of Bangladesh is yours, we hope your pen weaves a more colorful tomorrow for us all. Success!