FIDO U2F Security Key Review And User Guide – 2017

What is U2F Security Key

You have probably been asked, when signing in to web accounts like Facebook, Google, Instagram, or others, to preform two factor authentication. Usually, this means giving them your phone number, getting a text, and entering a string of letters and numbers into the webpage. The idea is that because only you have your phone, if you can put in the correct code, you can prove your identity. This provides more security for your account because it prevents a malicious hacker who knows your password from taking control of your account – they don’t have your phone, e-mail, or other second authentication. The downside is that typing in numbers and letters all the time is annoying, error prone, and sometimes not even secure.

FIDO U2F Security Key

The Solution: FIDO U2F Security Keys

Fortunately, we can solve this program with a FIDO U2F Security Key. Basically, it’s just a little USB stick that hangs on your keyring, and uses the same technology as the golden chip in your credit card. Having it is proof to the outside world that you are in fact you. To use it, all you have to do is plug it in to your computer and have your accounts set up to accept it as authentication – no typing of keys required. Like the chips in credit cards, it contains a unique signature that proves your identity, but because it uses modern encryption technology, not all of the information is transferred to websites you use it with. In fact, even if someone intercepts your traffic, they cannot impersonate you or steal your key, because to send data that says it is from you, you need the physical key itself. What makes it especially useful is that it is organized by the FIDO Alliance, a nearly universal group of tech companies including Google, Microsoft, PayPal, AmEx, MasterCard, VISA, Samsung, Intel, and Bank of America. This means that all you need is one FIDO U2F key to log into and protect most of your online presence.

FIDO U2F Security Key

How do I get a U2F Security Keys ?

Keys can easily be purchased from Amazon . The product is called FIDO U2F Security Key, and retails for less than $17.99 & FREE Shipping. It’s made by the tech security company Yubico.

How do I setup my key on Facebook And Google ?

Many websites offer this option. Here’s how, for Facebook and Google:

How To Set Up U2F Security Keys On Your  Facebook Account

1. Go to the Settings page by clicking the arrow in the top right corner, then “Settings
2. Go to the “Security” tab on the right of the screen
3. Click “Login Approvals“, the second item on the list of options
4. Next to the entry “Security Keys” and a blue and gold U2F Key Icon, click “Add Key
5. Follow the directions to connect your FIDO U2F Security Key

How To Set Up U2F Security Keys On Your Google Account

1. Go to your google accounts page. You can get there however you want, or go to
2. Under “Sign-In & security” on the left side, click “Signing in to Google
4. Scroll down and click “2-Step Verification
5. Click “Get Started
6. Enter your Google password
7. Complete the process to turn on 2-Factor Authentication using your phone. This will involve entering a code from a text message.
8. Now scroll down to the section on alternative second authentications. Under “Security Key” click “ADD SECURITY KEY
9. Follow the directions and insert your key to tie it to your account.

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From now on, securely logging on to either account from any computer will be as simple as plugging in your key.
New, Simpler, and More Secure Accounts. Most popular web browsers, including Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, automatically integrate FIDO U2F Security Keys. This means that it’s a significant upgrade to security over traditional second factor authentication systems, like the security key in a text message. This is because of the way that encryption works – the key goes from your USB Key to your computer’s browser to the website you’re browsing directly – a hacker listening in has no opportunity to steal the key you’d otherwise have to type in. This will keep your banking and data safer than ever before possible.Security keys promise to significantly simplify and improve online security. They offer the possibility to end having to memorize long and complex passwords, reduce the risk of hacking attacks and compromised accounts while on public networks, and a more pleasant, universal, and secure solution than security text-messages. Very easy to obtain at a very low price, they are the future of account security.

How To Adding a FIDO U2F Security Key On Your Account YouTube Tutorial

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