Apple Arcade

Over 150 Countries to Receive Apple’s Arcade Game Subscription Service This Fall

On Monday, 25th March 2019, Apple had a launch event at Apple’s headquarter at Cupertino, California. The whole world was looking forward to knowing what is coming up from the iPhone makers. Apple Inc has launched Apple Arcade at the event. Apple Arcade is the company’s game subscription service for desktop computers, mobile devices and “living room” devices.

The company said they are working with Annapurna Interactive, Sega and Walt Disney Co on Apple Arcade, the new game service. The Arcade will feature new titles which are more than 100 in number and those titles can be accessed through a tab of App Store. It will work on Apple TV, Mac and iPad as well.

Apple Arcade will have no additional purchases or ads. The game subscription service will let parents manage their children’s screen time. More than 150 countries across the globe will receive the service this fall.

Recent shares of game publishers Take-Two and Electronic Arts were down 1 percent while the share of Activision Blizzard has slipped 0.5 percent.

Zynga, the mobile game maker’s shares were also down nearly 1 percent and the video game retailer GameStop’s shares fell almost 3 percent.

Apart from the announcement of Apple Arcade, the event also introduces Apple Card which is a credit card from Apple. The card will require Apple Wallet to get some cash back on various purchases.

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