6th Week Assignment Answer

6th Week Assignment Answer for Class 6,7,8 & 9

The Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education published the 6th-week Assignment for class 6 to class 9. Because of the pandemic situation of Corona Virus Schools, Colleges and Universities are closed now. The students and also their parents were worried about education but now the time has changed. With the blessing of the internet, education is still providing my online classes. To maintain study track also exams are taking by online. Education becomes digital now.

Education Ministry decided to give Assignments to the students of classes 6,7, 8 & 9 weekly bases. Already 6th-week Assignment is given. The Assignment publish will continue till 15 December by the Authority. Students can find the Assignment o online or at their schools. The last date of Assignment submission on 19 December. The Answer to Assignment 2020 for class 6, 7, 8 & 9.

Assignment Answer of 6th Week:

Are you a student of high school and looking for the Assignment given by the Education Ministry? Then I must say you are on the right site. You can find every week’s Assignment given by the authority. You can download the PDF file or images of the Assignment syllabus in her also with answers. The Assignments are organized classes and subject wise. So that the student downloads it easily.

The students have to submit the assignment before the deadline to their schools. For collecting the Assignment students have two options- from school or online. The given Assignment is based on an easy and little syllabus so that students can solve it. Every week the teacher provides the Assignment and if there any difficulties students consult about it in the online class or over the phone. The teachers also collect all the Assignments by the given date and have to give the grade to the students on 31 December.

6th Week Assignment Answer of class 6

After publish the Assignment students have to collect them from school and complete them then at the end of the week submit the Assignment to their class teachers. You can also collect the Assignment from us. Download Assignment for class 6 is given here.

You can collect the Assignment with the answer and also can download it. The assignment and the answer are given subject wise. The Answer is prepared by school teachers so you should not worry. Click the Answer button to view answers.

6th Week Assignment Answer of class 7

Bangla, English, Maths, Science and other subjects Assignments are given for students of class 7. You can download the assignment with answers from here. After submitting all the Assignments teachers will evaluate those papers. Check the assignment of class 7 in here.

For the Assignment Answer for class 7 just click here. You will get the 100% correct answer prepared by an eligible teacher.

6th Week Assignment Answer of class 8

In this year class 8 Board Exam/JSC has been suspended because of COVID- 19. The exam will be held like other classes. You can download all the Assignments of class 8 in her also with answers. We can assure you the answers are 100% accurate. Click here for Every week’s Assignment with an Answer.

6th Week Assignment Answer of class 9

In Class 9 there are three groups that also have compulsory and elective subjects. The three groups are science, Business Studies, and the Humanities. The compulsory subject for all students and elective subjects is group wise. You can download the Assignment of class 9 and also with answers. Group-wise subjects Assignment also given here. Click download for collect Assignment with an answer of class 9 in here.

We are expecting this content to help the students of classes 6 to 9. In this pandemic situation, Teachers are also doing their best also the education system is not stopped. The situation of the Corona Virus raises again this winter. So, all should be safe and should wear masks. As students have to get out from home to school for submitting the Assignments answer paper be Safe.

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