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Candies, flowers, and gifts are interchanged between lovers every Valentine’s day. Why do we celebrate Valentine’s day, is still a puzzle. But it’s usually in our mind that February is a month of Romance. How to celebrate this lovely day and with whom, is always a question of each and every young boy or perhaps a girl. When we did not have cell phones, we were accustomed to sending love messages to our loved ones by using Love Cards, Greeting cards, Emails, etc. But today, things have evolved. In today’s trend, we favor exhibiting our emotions by sending SMS messages. In every country, on valentines day, there’s an exchange of enormous amounts of love SMS messages on this romantic day. I’ve collected some stunning, cute love and romantic SMS messages here. You may just wish to copy and send these cool Valentine’s SMS messages for your beloved ones on this romantic day.


Top 20 Valentine Days 2019 SMS

1. With noLove — days are Sad-day, moan-day, tears-day, waste-day, thirst-day, fright-day, shatter-day.So remain in Love everyday! Wishing u a glad Valentine’s Day! Valentine Days 2019 

2.Days may end, night may fall, but I wll l be there for you until we do not see each other at all. Sun might rise, the moon may fall, but I think my life would never be this nice, if I never knew you at all.Valentine Days 2019 

3.All I ever desired was someone to care for me. All I wanted was someone who b there for me. All I desired was somebody who would be true. All I ever desired was somebody like youValentine Days 2019 

4.Loving is not how you forget but how you forgive, not how you listen but how you comprehend, not what you see but how you feel, and not how you let go but how you hold on.Valentine Days 2019 

5.Every Hour I think of you Every Minute I think of you Every Second I think of you I’ll live for you and I die for you It is not for days, It is not for weeks, It’s not for months or years, It’s for eternity.Valentine Days 2019 

6.Love is what I see in, your smile each and everyday. Love is what I feel in, each and every touch you give. Love is what I hear every word you say. Love is what we share, everyday we live.Valentine Days 2019 

7.Seasons will Alter, Colours will Fade, But…1 thing that will Never Alter. The way in which I Feel about you. And…One thing which will Never Fade that is My Love 4 you… I Adore U SO Much.Valentine Days 2019 

8.To be truthful with you, I do not possess the words to make you feel much better, but I do own the arms to offer you a hug, ears to pay attention to whatever you wish to talk about, and I possess a heart; a heart that’s hurting to witness you smile again.Valentine Days 2019 

9.The way in which you appear to my eyes, It scares me The way in which you say “I love you”, It scares me The way in which you know just what to say, It scares me The methods you scare me, I love so deeply!Valentine Days 2019 

10.I’ve seen angels in the sky, I’ve seen snowfall in July, I have seen points you only imagine to see, But I’ve not observed anything sweeter than you.Valentine Days 2019 

11.your love is comparable to a river peaceful and profound, your soul is similar to a secret that I never could keep, When I look into your eyes I know it’s right, you were made for me and I for you.Valentine Days 2019 

12. Flowers will die, sun will set.. But u r my love that i wont forget.. Ur name is so precious,it will nvr grow old.. Its engraved in my HEART wit letters of Gold!Valentine Days 2019 

14. The reduction of the universe to a single being, the expansion of a single being even to God, this is love. -Victor Hugo.Valentine Days 2019 

15. When the nightly emanates, look at the blue. If you grasp a falling star, dont wonder why, just type a wish. Hope me, it resolve come true, cause I did it and I found you!Valentine Days 2019 

16. True love is like ghosts, which everybody talks about and few have seen.Valentine Days 2019 

17. Its not the “presence” of something which brings “meaning” to life, but its the way that “someone” touches ur heart which gives life a beautiful meaning…Valentine Days 2019 

18. i desire i was ur blanket,i want i was ur mattress, i desire i used to be ur pillow under ur head,i wanna b round u,i wanna maintain u tight, & b the fortunate person who kisses u goodnite.Valentine Days 2019 

19. What is love? Shakespeare says don’t ask the person who loves someone, but ask the person who have lost someone, only they can feel the true love…Valentine Days 2019 

20.I Assured you once, I promised you twice; this love will never conclude what I feel so deep inside.I loved you yesterday and even much more today, and I never want this feeling to go away. Baby, you are my Everything, my Angel from above, you fill my existence with so a lot of love.Valentine Days 2019 

If you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend and you have a mobile, don’t waste more time! Just compose these lovely romantic SMS messages on your cell phone and send to your loved ones. If he or she loves you, you will get a reply with much more romantic SMS message.

There are various ways to organize such a beautiful evening. Some of these ways are- One can buy best possible red roses with long stems and gift them to your partner. The smile spread on her face is enough to let you understand how much she cares for you. Since roses are the symbol of eternal love, what best gift to give her on this beautiful day.

These days a wide variety of valentine’s day gifts can be purchased for your boyfriend. One can recite great romantic sonnets for him or offer such a gift that surprises him. One can also choose to gift classy apparel like shirts, kurtas, T-shirts, nightwear, etc. Branded watches are also one of the options. These days Valentine gift hampers are available that includes soft toys, a gadget, chocolates and many other items that men prefers. Love soft toys are also widely available. Cute teddies with hearts in their hands look fantastic, and they appeal to the boys as well. Besides many leather items, watches, men’s perfumes, handmade gifts are also a good option. Some other possible Valentine gifts for men are nautical gifts, desk accessories, gift vouchers, photo gifts, and a wide range of latest gadgets.

As soon as the Valentine’s Day approaches, men come in great stress and tension as to what needs to be bought for their better halves. Jewelry is the best option as women never cease loving exotic jewelry. They never get tired of such trinkets. Diamonds are the best friends of women, and one can offer this precious stone any time. Chocolates and flowers are also a wonderful option for the women. Valentine gifts for her have many options apart from these natural gifts. If you are playing naughty, one can gift lingeries or any seductive dress. These days a lot of varieties in dresses are available. You can also gift something that you have always wished you’re beloved to be seen in. She will be pleased with this thoughtful gesture and flaunt her dress to impress you. No woman dislikes fragrances. Her signature fragrance will also be a perfect gift for her. She will be excited to see that you remember her choice. According to the love gurus, valentine’s day party is the right time for giving valentines gifts to your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Sending short naughty messages or short romantic poems is also a best Valentine’s gift for each other. Tasty Valentine gifts like chocolate truffles in beautiful packages are also a good idea to gift. A wonderful weekend away from the hustle and bustle of day to day life is also a good idea that couple can gift each other. Romantic stories can be swapped with each other, or online dating games can be played.

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