GP Internet Pack List With Validity Price Activation Code

GP Internet Package is important because it offers the current internet plan for both regular and special internet package. The users of GP apply internet networks like 2G or 3G and may use the various data plan. Additionally, some of the user chooses either prepaid or postpaid GP internet package for their smartphones, tablets, and PC.

Activating GP Internet Pack

Most of the people always share common issue on how to activate the selected GP internet package on their devices. The service provider outlines different method or systems that assist in enabling the packages. Therefore, it is upon the user to select the most appropriate method that suits their personal interests. The users should allow auto renewal to avoid extra charges for pay as you go. Notably, the prepaid users are entitled to enjoy up to 28 days while the postpaid users should enjoy 30 days in all the identified packages. USSD Menu *5000#


gp internet pack

GP customers can dial *5000# to activate the identified package in their devices. After dialing, the user should find the 3G internet package. In this case, the package may begin from 4MB @ 2TK to about 2GB@ 350 TK. Also, the Facebook pack, smart plan unlimited internet, special internet off and Bondho SIM interne offer are available. Notably, the user should dial the code to select a special offer on number 9 of GP internet USSD Menu *5000#. Therefore, it is good to reply with the 9 Button. The command will direct you to a submenu that has a special offer for the application. In this case, 3G internet offer is available for GP internet package. Other GP packages are very good since they offer a discount on activation and another offer a bonus to use extra internet MB. Therefore, users should select the GP internet packages carefully to ensure they subscribe to the most appropriate ones. USSD *121*3#

The GP users can activate the current 3G internet package using USSD *121*3#. This is the new method for Grameenphone. In this code, the clients who use prepaid and postpaid packages activate the internet pack of their choice. This happens when you dial a code to determine the internet packages and other special applications of GP internet.

The activation proves can be done by just dialing 5000 on your device. The process does not have any available rate. Both prepaid and postpaid users can just dial this number and activate the identified GP package. In this case, on the latest 3G plan is available. The dialing process offers the user with the required instruction to activate internet package.


GP 3G Internet Volume Package For Prepaid And Postpaid

Volume Validity Price Activation code
60 MB 3 days TK 22 *121*3029#

2 MB

2 day TK 1.5 *121*3001#
4 MB 1 days TK 2.5 4MB Send 5000
35 MB 7 days TK 18 *121*3004#
75 MB 7 days TK 37
75MB Send 5000
100 MB 30 days TK 56
100MB Send 5000
250 MB 28 days TK 119
250MB Send 5000
500 MB 28 days TK 149
500MB Send 5000
1.5 GB 28 days TK 337
1GB Send 5000
2.5 GB 28 days TK 427
2GB Send 5000
4 GB 28 days TK 609 *500*42#
8 GB 28 days TK 1157
8GB Send 5000
20 GB 30 days TK 2436 *5000*23#


Note : Have Auto Renewal Feature All Package . Stop Auto Renewal Option Send  A SMS Off to 5000 .


GP 3G Internet Social Pack List For Prepaid and Postpaid


Validity Price Activation code

Weekly Video pack – 150 MB

7 days TK 18 *5000*34#

Daily Heavy Video packages -40 MB

1 days TK 6 *5000*33#
Facebook 1 Day 20 MB  Packages 1 day TK 1.5 *5000*19#
Facebook 7 Days 75 MB Packages 7 days TK 6 *5000*20#
Facebook 28 Days 300 MB Packages 28 days TK 18 *5000*22#

Terms and Condition for Smart Plan

ü The automatic renewal feature in the smart plans is turned on by just sending message with the term for activation to 5000. This is the most appropriate plan since it help in avoiding the extra charges for pay as you use.

ü All local user calls can access the smart voice minutes including those with community numbers.

ü The IVR normal voice like 123, 4000 and 789 will not support the smart plan voice minutes.

ü An extra consumption BDT charge of 0.011/10KB is applicable only after the exhaustion of set volume levels of the smart plans for up to BDT 200. At the end of that plan, the information package is always discounted.

ü Only the GP-GP users will have the chance to apply SMS and MMS.

ü The call *121*1*4# or compile an SMS with word “VIEW” to 5000 when in need of checking the internet usage and remaining voice. The service does not incur any charge to the user. It is free of charge.

ü In case, the customer purchase and extra appropriate design while still using the previous ones, the voice period, SMS and MMS balance will be included to another plan.

ü The prepaid customers in smart plan talk time will have 10 seconds pulse applicable in their devices.

ü The free of charge minutes will be accessed on GP-GP. It is also availed on GP-other types of the local number such as FnF/ powerful FnF/CUG users

ü The applicable offers are available for all GP devices until to unknown date.

ü The carrying forward of information, voice, messages and emails will take place only after the complete auto-renewal.

ü The PAYG rate will occur when the client who do not auto-renew the smart plan.

ü The present data package is stopped only after writing the word “Stop” and sending it to 5000.

GP 3G Internet Smart Package For Prepaid And Postpaid

gp internet pack

Midi Plan, 1.5 GB internet, 400 minutes voice call, 400 SMS (GP-GP), 400 MMS – Prepaid/postpaid

30 days  TK 599 *121*3017#

Mega Plan, 3 GB internet, 600 minutes voice call, 600 SMS (GP-GP), 600 MMS. Prepaid/postpaid

30 days  TK 849 *121*3018#

Gp Internet Heavy Browsing Packs List For Prepaid And Postpaid

gp internet pack

12GB  internet  For Prepaid/postpaid Valid – 28 days  Price TK 1522 Active Code : *121*3014#

20GB  internet  For Prepaid/postpaid Valid – 30 days  Price TK 2436 Active Code : *121*3015#

Night 2GB  internet  For Prepaid/postpaid Valid – 28 days  Price TK 149 Active Code : *121*3011#


GP service providers have decided to attract more internet users by giving favorable offers. In this case, the 100 MB has been on offer since the beginning of January 2017. It allows client who have not been using internet for 90 days to enjoy GP 100MB by only 1TK in two days.

ü The offer is available for all members who have either postpaid or prepaid. They should not have accessed internet after September 2016 and they were involved in a single activity the whole 2016.

ü GP 100 will be offered to the clients at only 1 TK for two days.

ü They offer is activated by just dialing *5000*123# and get 100 MB offer.

ü The validity period of GP 100 is 2 days

ü The price is inclusive of SD+VAT+SC.

ü The client will be charge about Tk.01/10KB when the internet volume expires.

ü The data which remain unused will never be carried forward to the plan.

ü The internet balance is accessed by dialing *121*1*4 on you device.

3G Benefits

GP 3G is a better way for allowing people experience real network life usage. In this case, people are in a position to determine the exciting and high-speed place of 3G when using the smartphones and other tablets. This type of network is applicable in different mobile telecommunication technology. It offers a fast way of sending data via the internet. The application of 3G depends on the standards of the mobile devices. It is applicable for mobile internet access, video calls, and mobile TV. GP 3G has made the wireless connection possible for many users. It enables them to access the sites and services that they could not access before. For example, the speed of this network is higher and it supports the video conferencing and calls. It is the best option for the individuals with modern smartphones and tablets.

The 3G network offers full mobility to the users. Ideally, the aim is to ensure clients are experiencing a full range network in all areas. This means whenever the user moves outs from the 3G points they will always fall to an EDGE without the interference of the services. The net is suitable for uploading and downloading of documents.

It creates unparalleled internet experience to the customers. It is a chance to avoid the internet services that did accomplish the intended purpose in the phone. The GP 3G is termed as “Fastnet” which allows the person to keep in contact with all the friends in the network. This is applicable in Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, and other websites in the social media.

GP 3G-internet service offers a seamless experience to the clients. It runs in level of 3G internet platform (HSPA+) that delivers the maximum speed experience and seamless mobility. The network provider has collaborated with other services like internet sites and FB to store the most important personal information. Therefore, the relevant records, videos, and other data can be stored near the user to stop any delay when accessing it. For that reason, the page will always load easily and faster. For example, you can download the videos from YouTube faster with an enriching experience.

GP 3G internet creates a platform that transfers data effectively. It makes people avoid the traditional form of communication where the individual only hears the voice of the caller. Under 3G networks, the user can use video calling to communicate with a group of people. Ideally, the network can send information and images for miles.

It is a channel for richer entertainment. In this case, we can watch videos and listed to suitable music every time. This happens without limitation and in any location. The live TV is also accessible of these types of network. It can turn the phone to become a platform for entertainment and lifestyle point that is carried in the pocket. Therefore, Gremeenphone 3G allows individuals to access services they could not get with other types of network.

GP 3G network Terms and condition 

ü The auto renewal of each package is activated by sending “ON” to 5000. The pay as you go rate will be applicable for those clients who fails to auto renew the selected plan. Ideally, the pay as you go rate is higher, therefore, users should accept the auto renew method.

ü The internet balance is checked by dialing *121*1*4#. In this case, the user should realize the internet balance in advance so to know when to renew the existing plan.

ü BDT 0.01/10KB extra usage fee will be charged for every different volume, smart plans and social packs of about BDT 200 from there the data package will be discounted.

ü The use of 3G enable phone with the 3G network will enable the user to access high-speed network. The fast network is suitable for various purposes including sending and down big files in the company.

ü On the other side, in case, the customer is outside 3G coverage, and no 3G enabled phone he/she will experience a strong 2G-speed network. Therefore, it is advocated that for a person to continue using 3G he should remain on the locations with such type of network rather than walking away. In addition, it is always good to acquire a phone that is strong enough to capture the 3G signals.

ü The speed of the network will depend on the things like handset, website visited and miles from BTS. Therefore, the user should avoid visiting very many website at ones and just visit the important website first.

ü The 2GB night pack and daytime internet browsing will stand at BDT 0.80/MB as per the normal usage.

ü Only phones and tablets with front cameras and video call features will be in a position to support video calls under GP network.

ü Video pack volume will be applicable for a browsing and download videos on YouTube and bongobd. Therefore, customers will not be in a position to browse other sites using this package plan.

ü The current data package is stopped by sending “stop” to 5000

ü The used data volume will be forwarded to the new plans in case the client undertakes the auto renewals.

These GP internet packs ensure that the internet access is cost effective compared to other network programs. Also, the application 3G network creates a chance to access the internet at high speed and even download the intended information at the right time. For that reason, users need to understand the key aspects of all the GP internet packs. It is important to use appropriate smartphones and tablets that support GP 3G internet.


gp internet package

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