Top 10 Best Nightlife Cities around the World

Here you will find the Top 10 Best Nightlife Cities around the World

10 – Lisbon


The friendly Portuguese Capital is placed as one of the safest destinations in the World to travel. With a great welcoming spirit, amazing prices and a night that won’t end until the morning comes, Lisbon enters the list of 10 best nightlife cities for tourists after a few years of constant touristic growth and incredible reviews. Try its amazing food, cheap beer, and warm climate and stay out until the night turns to light.

9 – Berlin


The city where you can “get anything you want whenever you want it” is known for its slight aversion to rules and judgment. Here people are invited to be free in their peculiarities and enjoy themselves as much as they wish. Boundaries are all relative and perhaps Berlin can test its travelers to get in touch with a diversity of fun that they never imagined. Clubs are wide and open late, bars are welcoming and drinking is cheap.

8 – Amsterdam


Amsterdam is one of the Coolest Cities in the World. Its center is visited by millions of people that are in look for only one thing – incredible and lasting fun. It’s a known fact that this known liberal City hosts attractions that are not exactly available to many other parts of the World but it’s its variety of places to go and things to see and do that will leave an everlasting impact. Amsterdam is home to a famous Beer brand and its center hosts constant events.

7 – Las Vegas

Las Vegas

The neon-wedding-chapel-cheesy City from the movies is in fact packed with great doses of fun beyond its Casinos and Clubs. You’ll find an infinite roulette of fun options to spend your time when in Las Vegas with constant movement and jaw-dropping moments. (Just try not to get married by accident!)

6 – London

London is all about politeness and order. Then the Sunsets and as people finish up their jobs, pubs get filled with a lasting will to party.

Its incredible mood is as fun during the night time as it is orderly during the day. London is one of the classiest cities to go out and its people, usually into themselves during the day, are lots of fun and welcoming after a couple of drinks.

5 – Bangkok

The “everything goes” Asian Capital is one of the most amazing, electric, vibrant and fun places on Earth. Things you’ve never thought existed, things you’ve heard that may exist – they are all real in Bangkok. From incredible Rooftop Bars to Clubs and Night Markets, Bangkok would take a lifetime or two to get through its variety of fun to have.

4 – Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is one of the most vibrant places to party on Earth. Its “party like there’s no tomorrow” vibe and the fact that its inhabitants are some of the most beautiful people in the World make this City that actually (almost) never sleeps a great place to go out. Incredible clubs, quality bars and a will to enjoy life make the Israeli City something that you shouldn’t miss in your lifetime.

3 – Dublin

Fair enough said Dublin is a cold and rainy city during most of its year. But it’s also home to a legendary night amongst party travelers. There is so much to see and to get done that you may as well start by the Guinness Factory in the Centre. After you’ve enjoyed your free pint of Guinness included in the ticket, you may as well head to the pub to see what the second one tastes like. The Irish are some of the most welcoming people on Earth and they are legendarily known for partying hard.

2 – Madrid

Madrid is home to “la Movida”, a wave of energy that moves its visitors into a never-ending spirit of fun. Go out for Tapas, try the infinite variety of Spanish Wine, join a crowd on its “botell√≥n” and you’ll leave Madrid with friends and memories for life. The Spanish start their night late and stay up late, always up to enjoy life at its best.

1 – Ibiza

The legendary home of Club Dancing Music. Ibiza, located in the Spanish Balearic Islands is not only blessed with crystal clear sandy beaches but also the epicenter of some of the World’s best DJ’s, Clubs, Promoters and is qualified as an insane place where you must go at least once and see what it’s all about. There’s a little possibility to top this all up with incredibly detailed and produced parties and Discos that make you feel like you’re in a dream.

Ibiza takes our #1 spot for being the most hyped, most incredible place for party travelers in the World.

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