Share Your Youtube Videos in large Thumbnail on Facebook Free ! is a free website and its help uses to get their YouTube large Thumbnail on Facebook while sharing it. With big thumbnail of videos, you can get more views on your that YouTube videos on Facebook.

As a first step, you just need to copy the YouTube video URL link in above box that you wish to get the large thumbnail for and just click on the Orange button named “Create”. youtubetofb yt2fb tool will convert your desired youtube video with Facebook original style video with an instant article. The instant article helps to reach more people than basic and general you tube video link URL.



Our fb linker tool YouTube to Facebook helps you to get your video a big Facebook thumbnail on YouTube and Facebook sharing. YouTube link to FB Linker lets you enjoy the maximum benefits of it and after that, you always want to use this link 2 FB to create larger YouTube to FB thumbnails for Facebook.

We use Technology of the Facebook instant article on our website. Fb linker youtubetofb convert your YouTube link and it loads up to 10X faster than any other YouTube 2 Facebook converter site. To get faster loading of your any video and big thumbnail for that video, you should try this more user-friendly tool and so more people want to click to view that video and could share to their FB newsfeed for their friends. Hence you can get more reach and views on your YouTube video through a yt2fb linker.



We noticed that after sharing YouTube videos to Facebook, the thumbnails come too small and the whole post become boring and it was just displayed with Video’s title and its description. So we thought to make a free online link to FB Linker tool that will help you to embed your YouTube videos or any other your favorite videos with large thumbnails on Facebook. This fb linker will not only reach and get more users attention on the video but it also helps to increase the video views and its CTR. So finally our great tool is here and free to use for all.

If you have tried to increase your YouTube video views through social media website Facebook and you didn’t get your desired results of video views, then you should try Fb linker youtubetofb and we bet you would love it and you will also share this tool to your friends too. With the use of this Youtube to FB tool you will definitely attract more users with increased CTR.


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