New feature list released for MIUI 10 and MIUI 11 includes Dolby sound and dark mode

Xiaomi has revealed a list of new features that will receive in MIUI 10 and some features will be added in next-generation Xiaomi ROM MIUI 11.

On its website dedicated to Xiaomi’s custom skin MIUI, the giant Chinese smartphone manufacturer has released a list of features that will be made available with its user interface. The new features are expected to be part of the current MIUI 10 on most of Xiaomi smartphones, whereas the remaining one will be released with the next-generation MIUI 11.

Xiaomi Developer team working on MIUI update are regularly active on the forum to highlight what Xiaomi is bringing in for its customers. Till today they have worked on more than 28 features, and as per latest updates, 35 features are more planned for the future. The post in the forum also lists features that are being taken into consideration as a part of media campaign or reviews feedback as well as suggestions received that could not be considered.

Xiaomi has worked on the current version of the MIUI, i.e., MIUI 10. Following are the features that will be improved like super power saving function, Dolby sound, system-wide Dark mode, improved garbage cleaning, App locking with a face or fingerprint lock, Font adjustment and display sizes separately. It will also show battery charging and available status on the display screen, and it will be able to wake up the device screen using voice commands.

With these features, some others are also planned for MIUI 11. Function to delete an APK file after app installation, support for cropping photos in 18:9 aspect ratio, children mode, shortcut for increasing the screen lit time, Cancelling option for sleep timer countdown sound, adding text while dragging the cursor magnifier, sleep reminder function, dynamic clock optimization, and addition of emergency contact information displayed on lock screen are some of the features which will be added next-generation MIUI 11.


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