Samsung Gear S3 Review

Samsung Gear S3 Review


In this digital era, having a smart watch is not only a smart move, but the best. These watches are customized to help you accomplish more than simply read time. They help you stay connected with your cell phone to convey cautions, warnings and applications right to your wrist. Samsung is back with a bang this time round with the Samsung Gear S3, a customized-looking smart watch with classic- Swiss- design elements. Samsung is really keen to show you how cool the latest Samsung Gear S3 is in terms of its features and performance.

Samsung Gear S3 Features and Performance

Helps you make calls

Having the wrist watch with you can be very convenient as you do not always need to carry your phone all the time. This is because you can take and make calls with its in- built speaker of which you can also check voice call messages and hear the alarms you had set earlier on.


Enables you to purchase items

With the Samsung Gear S3 you’re also able to buy most of the things you require, even if you do not have either your phone or wallet with you. Such as buying a bottle of water and paying bills like when you go to pick up the dry cleaning. This is because you can swipe your card almost anywhere you are; depending on your country or your region. The Gear S3 supports both the Near Field Communication and Magnetic Secure Transmission payment technologies that enable payment to be made when required.

Enables you to listen to music

The Samsung Gear S3 enables you to put on your Bluetooth headset and listen to your songs or stream your playlist. This can either be during a workout section or in a road trip when you need to listen to cool songs. The Samsung Gear S3 has internal memory of 4GB of hence you can take your music with you everywhere you go, without you having your smart phone with you all the time.

Does web search and set reminders

You can also do web search, call or text someone on your contact list by just inputting word commands. For any errands you may have to run during the day, or an appointment you do not want to miss, all you have to do is to activate S Voice to have the Samsung Gear S3 set the reminders for you. It will tell you when time comes for any activity you will have set a reminder on.

Collects data and keeps your workouts on track.

Whatever activity you are undertaking from having a jog or mountain climbing, the wrist watch will keeps you on track and collects your activity data. It will also give you alerts on changes in the atmospheric pressure; hence you are able to watch out for any changes in the weather. Your Samsung Gear S3 has auto-tracks with six types of exercises from the start. If it is synced with the S Health application, you are able to get detailed information and long-term reports on your workouts. Additionally when needed, you can have a guide that will guide you step by step right on your wrist.


The Samsung Gear S3 is an application that you rely on and one you can’t afford not to try it out. With the above great quality it is clear that is one of the items that you may fancy. It’s a watch that I would recommend you to buy. For smart watch lovers they can find this watch online or through stores where they will part with about three hundred and fifty dollars.

Price In USD : $349.99



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