SOS Function Waterproof GPS Tracker

Mini Quadband With SOS Function Waterproof GPS Tracker

SOS Function Waterproof GPS Tracker

Global Positioning Systems or GPS is a piece of technology that has proved itself useful to so many people. While we all know that there are a lot of GPS devices in the market out there, only a few could actually count as effective and truly beneficial. For instance, some GPS devices couldn’t even stand water, limiting you from underwater tracking and many more.


The Mini Quadband with SOS Function Waterproof GPS Tracker however, can exceed your expectations when it comes to tracking. Also called an A-GPS, this device can provide you real time information and tracking. Using a cellphone or a computer you can get updated locations for as quickly as 5 seconds!

This A-GPS device can also provide replays worth a year of routing records. Plus, with its feature that you can hear sound around the tracker through your mobile phone, you wouldn’t have to worry much about the things that are happening around your track! What makes this worthy of investment is that it also has an SOS button, that when pressed, it will send a “help me” SMS to all registered numbers on the device.


This A-GPS is fairly easy to use. Aside from getting control over the device through your phone or computer, you won’t have to worry about turning it on or off, because the device goes on standby mode if it senses no movement within 3 minutes. It will automatically activate itself into working mode when it feels movement happening around. The SOS function also makes it a necessary device to have for safety


The only disadvantage seen by reviewers is that it is quite expensive as compared to the other brands available. In Saudi Arabia, it costs at around 327.60 SAR. While cheaper brands offer low prices, they do cannot provide the features that this A-GPS could give. It is waterproof, has an SOS button and helpful added features. This makes your every penny worth it!

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