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JDC Exam Result – Madrasah Board Result (Dakhil Result )

Madrasah board started its operations from the year 1979. This board is well known for conducting JDC Examinations for its districts. The JDC Examinations are of the same standard with the JDC examinations and are always treated as equivalent across all boards. The rules and regulations for conducting the JDC Examinations are all the same with that of administering the JSC Examinations. The students usually pass highly in the JDC Examinations and are the fewest compared with those doing the JDC Exams each year. The Madrasah board usually follows the routine specified for other boards also as it publishes the JDC Examinations along with the time the JDC Exam results are also published. The day for sitting for the JDC Examination is also the same date the JSC Examinations will start.

How to check JDC Result 2019 – Bangladesh Madrasah Board Result

There are four main ways of checking the JDC Exam Result 2019 – Bangladesh Madrasah Board Result. These methods, however, most people are not well conversant with when it comes to the period for checking the results. Many of the people do not know how to use them or the procedures to follow in order to get their JDC Results. This year 2019, the results will be published towards the end of the year that is December. This article will explain in detail the four methods for accessing your JDC Result 2019. The first method we shall see here is the online method for accessing the results. This online access is via the official website for the Madrasah board. The procedure for this is explained clearly below, systematically. you also check JSC Result 2019 here.

How to Check JDC Result 2019 – Bangladesh Madrasah Board Result Online.

The JDC results 2019 will be published on the official website of the Madrasah examinations board or educationboard.gov.bd.  You should only try to access the website for the JDC Results once you know the results have been published officially. This information on the publishing date will be announced by the board. So relax until the results are published. During the process of checking the results online, you will only succeed if you have access to the internet and definitely being in possession of a computer or a PC. Once you have access to these then follow the procedure below to get your JDC result 2019.

Step 1: Checking of JDC Result 2019 – Bangladesh Madrasah Board Result online.

  1. Type this link on your computer or PC Browser and enter to load the page: educationboardsresults.gov.bd
  2. Select JSC/JDC on the examinations drop list.
  3. Enter Madrasah as your JDC board name from the selections.
  4. Enter your Roll Number correctly on the box provided.
  5. Insert your right Registration Number.
  6. Click on the “Get Results” option below.
  7. Your JDC Exams result 2019 will display on your computer screen.

The board also gave another link in which you can access your JDC Exams. They provided this in order to increase the ease of access and to avoid network jam during that period. The link is eboardresults.com. The instructions below define how to arrive at your JDC EXAM RESULT in 2019.

Step 2: Check JDC Result 2019 – Bangladesh Madrasah Board Result by this website below:

  1. Insert this link eboardresults.com on your computer browser search tool and go to the web.
  2. On getting the interface for inputting your details then click on the JDC result selection.

iii.    Pick 2019 as your examination time for JDC Exams.

  1. Select Madrasah as your correct board name.
  2. Select the Individual as your type of result if you are checking for individual results.
  3. Type your JDC Registration No.

vii.    Tap on the get results catches on your screen.

Viii.    Your JDC Exam Result 2019 Madrasah Board will show on your PC screen.

Step 3: How to Check Your JDC Result 2019 – Bangladesh Madrasah Board Result via Mobile SMS.

Getting your JDC Result 2019 will be easiest using the SMS Application. Imagine you will only be required to type your JDC Examination details and send it to 16222. After sending, you will receive a message showing your JDC results along with the grades you got. However, despite this method being the easiest, most people do not know how to go about it. This article will guide you on how to check your JDC RESULT in 2019 using the SMS App. Before we go into these details, first make sure you have a mobile phone and a balance of 2.45 TK in your sim operator. Now let us see the procedure: See here!

Start your SMS application and write JSC, space, MAD (this reps the first three letters of the Madrasah board), space, Roll NO., space, 2019 (this reps your year of examination),

Send the text to 16222.

You will receive in form of an SMS your JDC Result 2019.

The process is as easy as that.

How to Check JDC Result 2019 – Bangladesh Madrasah Board Result by App.

The mobile Application method has been also widely used by the stakeholders of this examination. In the recent past, the examinations board launched the application so that it can be a way of accessing the JDC result without any inconvenience. However, there will be so much inconvenience if you download an app that is not official but relates to the board’s app. These apps are several in the play stores and app stores, however, they are malicious and insecure. Always download the board’s official application in order to access your JDC Result 2019. The link for downloading the link is available on the board’s official website and you can search for it on the google play store and app stores. The procedure for checking your JDC Results is as follows:

  • You must access a smartphone and have internet access in order to download and install the application.
  • Search for the App on play store or app store and install it. You can also follow the link on the website for downloading the app.
  • Launch the app on your smartphone and click on the view results pops up.
  • Enter your JDC examination details on the appropriate sections provided on the application. These details include JDC as the type of examinations, roll number, Madrasah as your board name, enrollment number and 2019 as the year of examination.
  • Reconfirm the details you have entered to ensure they are correct then click on the submit button below.
  • Your JDC Examination results will display on your screen immediately.

To check JDC Result 2019 – Bangladesh Madrasah Board Result click here.

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