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How to Check HSC Results Of The 2017 Barisal Board

HSC Result 2017 Barisal Board


Now that the 2017 school year is starting to go into a close, you will have to check your HSC results to make sure you qualify for your school certificate. The Barisal Board has made this process easy to do by providing two main ways to check.
What you need
In order to check the HSC result for 2017, all you need is your roll number. All other information will be provided to you below.

HSC Result 2017 Barisal Education Board
Checking Online HSC Results of the 2017 Barisal Board

The first way you can go about checking on your HSC result is through the Barisal Board official website. You simply go to the government website, select the HSC examination. After that you select 2017 and choose the Barisal Board as the education board. Finally, you type in your roll number and put in the correct captcha code. Submit and you should be able to see your scores.

Checking by SMS HSC Results of the 2017 Barisal Board

A more convenient way to check your HSC Result is by using the SMS system that is available to any Bengali number using a Bengali SIM card. You should check with your mobile provider to see if you are able to send the SMS.
After confirming, you will need to send an SMS message to 16222. The following is the format of the message you need to send:

HSC BAR (for Barisal Board) <Your Roll Number> 2017

You insert your six digit roll number without the brackets when you send your message. Once the message is sent, you should receive your scores as a reply.

Questions and Comments :
The whole process is easy and relatively straightforward; however, there are still times where someone might make a mistake. If you happen to make a mistake all you need to do is contact the Barisal Board through the same website and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

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